Was on mc for wednesday because of that stupid wisdom tooth of mine.. The gum became so swollen that i can't even talk.. Went to see a doc & you know what the doc do? He use the wooden stick thingy put into my mouth & ask me say aaahhhhh.. After that, he use the thing to poke my wisdom tooth.. Fucking pain lor.. He say swollen.. Of cause la.. Not swollen also let him poke until swollen.. Stupid..

Was writing Christmas cards for my big boss son aka the small boss aka Kenneth yesterday.. Write until my hand tired.. Still must help choose the card & write nicely.. Lucky he nvr ask me decorate the cards.. Arbo i sure tell him i want go home liao.. Siao de.. Later write not nice still must kena scolding..

Tonight go prawn fishing loh.. Very long nvr go le.. I bought my own fishing rod.. Hahaha.. Prawn fishing rod very cute lor.. Small small de.. Is those can extend type.. So when keep is 1 very small & cute rod.. Hehe..


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