Yes yes yes! Yeah! Hip hip hooray! I'm such a happy girl today. I finally got my comments box set up today. Was having a big headache over the past few months on how to get a comment box as my new template doesn't have the html of comments.

I went thru all sort of ways to get my comment box eg. asking friends if they know & copying from other peoples template. In the end, i manage to get the word comments there but you know what? It's NOT working! Argh!

Suddenly i feel very smart today & decide to search blogger to see if they got any FAQs that can help & i found it. Yippee! Silly me! Went thru all that trouble & headache when the answer is just right in front of me as & when i blog. Kao eh. How stupid can a person get?

STOP laughing at me. It's NOT funny.

So yeah. Leave me comments. I'm very deprived of comments. I've been deprived of that privilege for a long looooooong time. Go on people. Leave me loads of comments be it bad or good. Try not to leave sarcastic comments though.. =)

STILL, somebody had to call & spoil my day despite the fact that i didn't wanted to answer that call..


I did it on purpose. I pretended to be deaf. SO what? People don't want to answer your call so stop it la. Stop that stupid calling again & again thingy. For all you know, i might be doing something dangerous like driving or shitting. Yes! Shitting is dangerous.

Why is that so? you're asking me.

Cause your 1 bloody STUPID call can cost me my life & handphone. Bwahahahaaha..

How much lamer can i get? Duh!




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