Yesterday i made a new friend.. She's deardear's primary school friend.. Her name is Xue Nie.. It's pronounced as Xue Ni.. She studies architecture in Australia.. Cool huh.. We went for dinner together at Fish & Co after i finish work.. She came with deardear to fetch me.. Before that in the afternoon, deardear bought a log cake for me because i ever mention that i want eat log cake & he bought it & deliver it to my workplace for me.. Sooooo sweet.. Muacks..

My wisdom tooth has been giving me big big prob today.. I can't eat & i can't talk properly.. It's affecting me & my career is at risk.. How come my wisdom don't 1 shot just grow out? It grows abit & hurt me then stop.. After awhile when i let my guard down, it starts to grow again & hurt me.. Fuck man.. It's torturing me like hell.. It also makes my head pain.. I want to die.. I want to die.. I WANT TO DIE!!!

Time passes by so fast.. It's gonna be end of the year soon.. My vacation is coming nearer as well.. Not exactly vacation.. More like a visiting trip.. Yep.. We're going to Indonesia to visit my father.. Definitely there'll be lots of fun & shopping as well cause i'll be spending Christmas there so sorry to friends who jio me out on that day.. Don't wanna get molested by Bangladesh or rather foreign workers on that day like what Xiaxue says in her blog where she describes her molestation encounters with this inconsiderate people..

Now, it's time to deal with that blady irritating tooth of mine.. Karate Chop sounds good.. *HIYAK!*



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