Yesterday was the most most most tiring day in my working life.. I work from 8am to 10pm.. Total of 14hrs can? So damn fucking tired lor.. I ask Chris how often do we have to this house keeping thing? He said it's a annual thing.. Wah Fuck! Don't know is i fucking suay or what lor.. Once a year thing i also can kena..

I spent the whole day running up & down the whole factory to check on all the assets in our company..Some of the stickers(we made it ourselves so as to identify things easier) are stuck below chairs or tables or any items la so we have to squat & bend down then stand up again for every single chair or any other things that we check.. I can hear my backbone creaking with agony.. We had to paste stickers on new items too..

I thought we could end at the time they gave us which is 6pm but end up, they told me they couldn't finish with the input of data which gotta be done by the end of the day so i gotta help them.. So, was busy typing & typing & typing till my fingers go numb.. Chris was the best.. You know what he did? He came & tell me when i was abt to go home that the stickers we paste is all wrong.. We need to fucking redo everything.. I told him to do it next monday as i really cannot take it anymore.. I'm abt to collapse soon..

As i seldom exercise, my leg muscles cramped the moment i reach home due to the running up & down of stairs for the whole day..

I guess being hardworking has it's benefits too.. This morning, everyone was extremely nice to me.. I told deardear i want eat pizza & he immediately went to buy for me.. My mother-in-law bought 2 new spaggetti straps for me.. So sweet.. Though not very expensive but it's the thought that counts ya? Deardear was jealous why only i have new clothes & not him.. Hahaha..


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