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Busy busy busy... Running up & down non-stop. Everyday also like that i will die arr... Moved all my things up to the office. Less dust but also less freedom.

I just realise that my supervisor put on the ad for 1 week so there will be people coming in for interview for the whole of 1 week. Damn! Busy week for me.

There's a requirement that we cannot apply work permit for India workers cause it's a new rule that manufacturing company cannot. I also don't know why. But alot of workers from India came forward to apply.

No no! We are not being racist. No racial discrimination in the company. We have indians & malays in the company. Just that we are only allowed to take in Singaporean, PR & malaysians.

It breaks my heart to see the expression on their faces when i told them that we are unable to apply work permits for them. Some of them the education lvl quite high lor. What a waste.

Yesterday, 1 of the renovation workers, an indian guy if i'm not wrong was injured. …
This is gonna be 1 long & boring entry. Please bear with me.

Too busy till i lost track of things. My short term memory is getting worse. Last saturday, nothing much happened. I accompany my sister to a photoshoot. She's doing a portfolio & in hope that she may be chosen as a model.

On the way there, i had to wait in the rain to get a cab for her. What the hell? I found myself rather stupid. End up, me, deardear & khai had to wait outside the studio for 2 hr plus for her to finish. I fell asleep promptly.

The 2 cuties came over my place again this weekend but they were pretty sick so didn't really play with them. I forgot to take photos for them cause really too busy. Jason kor came over to my place on saturday & stay overnight. We had fun talking nonsense.

Sunday morning, i went to my grandma place to send out invitation cards. After that, i sent my mum(Yes.. I've decided to talk to her again. Don't ask me why or i'll slap you.) to Bugis & proceede…

RK House - No PORK! (Full Version) with Subtitles

Damn freaking funny lar!
*groans in agony* Back pain... New mattress so hard... I've been having sleepless nights... I bloody hate Seahorse! Seahorse my ass la. It's as good as sleeping on the floor. Don't know why they have to make their mattress so hard. I can't even bounce on it.

Too bad i'm poor la. What to do? Got seahorse good enough liao. Better than really sleeping on cold hard floor. Pui! If lao niang got money, i will buy the best mattress arr... King koil also better than stupid seahorse lor.

Sighz... Too bad la! I poor ma. If i am filthy rich, i'll buy a watery water bed & bounce the whole night until i sian & i'll prick the bed with pins until the bed burst then can become my private swimming pool liao.

Aiyah! Why i so poor leh? If i super duper rich hor, okay okay. I stop. This is getting irritating. But then hor... Why ar? Sighz... Can somebody tell me why ar? (my subconcious: SHUT THE FUCK UP LA! BITCH!)

Okay la! Shut up then shut up la. Don't talk then don&…
I don't understand how some people can get offended over what i write in my blog. I think i've written over a million nasty things abt fatso kor, but i don't see him getting upset over what i wrote even though he knows some of his friends read my blog & he himself reads my blog too.

The point is, my blog is just a form of diary for me. To record whatever has happened in my life & thus the title Story Of My Life.

It's a source of outlet for me to vent my fustrations on. Just a part of my memory. After i finish ranting, i forget all abt it. I'm not the kind of person who bears grudges on everything & everyone. Why make my life so miserable?

There comes a day when i read back my blog & i can laugh at all the stupid things i ever wrote. I could have made my blog a private 1 but what's the point? Friends who know my blog will just link me on their website so they can read my blog & know how i'm doing even when they don't get to see me often …
Fuck Fuck Fuck! Arghhh! Damn the world! I hate this world! Aaahhhhh...(screams hysterically) Oops! Hope i didn't scare you guys. Was just letting off some steam.

Last saturday was suppose to meet my all time great sisters but as usual, they play me out. I only manage to meet 1 of them & also another friend of mine. Needed to pass out all the invitation cards. What a bloody waste of my time!

I travel all the way down to meet them but they nvr turn up & in the end i need to buy stamps so i can mail it to them. Fucking waste of petrol & stamps. Both also cost money lor. This people ar. Very selfish. Nvr spare a thought for me.

I shall post up nice nice pictures of those 2 who didn't waste my time travelling down later.

Was busy giving out invitation cards on the whole of saturday. Met 1 of deardear's friend Rachel. I must say she damn cute lor. Very small size & the way she talks is really like a comedian. Extremely hilarious. I'm beginning to like her & a…
I feel so damn fucking sad. Why is it that my parents love my brother more? Since young, me & my sister get caning whenever we do something wrong. There was once i was almost dragged to the girls home by my dad.

You guys must be thinking what the hell did i do right? I'm not gonna tell. It's something really bad. I don't even wanna think abt it again.

So to people who thinks i am mean & bad, think again. I was worse in the past. But then again, i was just writing out my feelings.

Is that wrong?

Isn't what my blog is here for? An outlet for me to vent my fustrations on. Is being straight forward wrong? I only speak my mind. I know i've hurt certain people by being mean but i'm like this. If i change, it won't be me anymore.

I also know that some friends have already boycotted my blog but it's ok. At least you don't get to see the mean things i write & therefore do not feel offended by it.

That's not the point. I digress too much. The point …
No blogging tonight! I'm too upset to think!
I saw something very funny today. It was totally hilarious. The hair salon i always go is located opposite my house under a hdb flat.

Today i went past that area after work & saw that the shops beneath were all closed. No lights at all then i realised that the whole block blacked out. So dark...

The next i saw was people sitting outside the salon cutting hair. Wahahaha... So funny. I couldn't resist but laugh out loud.

I wanted to take a picture of it to show de but it was too dark & my hp does not have flash equipped on it. You don't expect me to have a camera on me wherever i go right? Just try to use your imagination.

Anyway, i think the guy getting his hair cut must be feeling damn fucking paiseh lor. SO many people staring at him. If i were him, i would just pay up & leave but thinking back abt it, what happens if the hair looks ugly cause it's not complete yet? Look very half fuck hor?

So the question today is, if the same situation falls on you what would you…
Can somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with having red hair or rather, being a red head? Why is there a worker making fun of me saying things like hong yun dang tou? Not that i mind but i have nvr even talk to him before.

Damn! Can't a person work in peace? Why can't he just mind his own business & leave me alone? What? Trying to hit on me izzit? Sorry but i'm MARRIED! Read this & eat yourself tonight.

Went for a smoking break & he saw me while leaving the company premises to go collect something. He actually "gostan" & drove towards me in his pathetic bike. Came over smiling & ask why i so lonely smoke alone. Why i nvr jio him go smoke.


Why must i ask him? Duh! I don't even him that well & i have nvr ever smoke with him before. What? Just because he made fun of me & i laugh at his joke make me his friend? HELLO! It's time to wake up! I laugh because i like to laugh. Not because i want to be friends with you.


Had a busy weekend trying to be a nanny. Deardear's niece & nephew(twins) who are also my niece & nephew since i'm married to him. Okay. I know i'm talking rubbish here. They came over our place to stay for the weekend.

In case their parents ever come across my blog, i would like to say that they are 2 lovely angels. (Hah! Like real!) No! Not that i dislike them or what. I love them! They are a pair of beautiful twins & really adorable though sometimes they can be very naughty.

It's normal for kids to be naughty but they can get pretty irritating. They will wake you up early in the morning by jumping on you or take away your pillow so that your head slams right onto the bed(Ouch!) just so you can play with them. They ask alot of funny questions when you can't even understand half of what they are saying. They talk way too fast.

Ang moh kids. It's just so difficult to communicate with them. Still, they are adorable. Although deardear seems to be very fi…
Was too tired yesterday so didn't blog. The previous night i slept at ard 2am cause i was watching a korean love story with my mother-in-law & the show is so nice till i'm not willing to go to bed.

I have a good mind not to go to work when i woke up yesterday morning but i can't. Must work then got $$$ ma. Still, i amazingly managed to survive till the end of the day.

Back to the show. I can't remember the shows' name but i do know it features Rain & some other actors & actresses whom i do not know & nvr heard of.

Rain is SO handsome in the show. I said in the show. I don't know what the hell happened to him now. Does not seem as handsome as in the show. Too tanned i guess. Anyway, i don't really like to watch korean shows & i don't like lovey dovey shows but this show is too good to be missed.

Have you ever think back to those days when you just started out with your bf or husband? Kinda lost those feeling already right? But this show a…
This is to add on to yesterday's entry. Just for recording purposes because i thought it was a rather funny for myself.

Last night, i acted like a spoilt brat....... Okay... Mayb i am a spoilt brat. What with so many people pampering me, how can i not be spoilt?

That's not the point.

The point is, last night, being a spoilt brat that i am, refuse to sleep so deardear had to coax me like a baby.

He played peek-a-boo with me & made all kind of funny faces to make me laugh. It was really funny. What more can i ask for in a husband?
What shall i say? I've been very forgetful nowadays. I always can't remember what i want to say. Things can happen & 5 mins later i forget.

Er... What did i say just now? Shit! I hate myself!

Cigarettes are killing my brain cells. Mayb i should smoke less. NAH! Impossible! Not when all your colleagues know you smoke & always jio you for smoking session.

Sorry hor. I'm a person who cannot resist temptation so don't tell me how i must have a will to quit. It's bullshit! Ok. That's not the point of today's entry.

What i wanted to blog today is... Bloody hell! I forget again. Let me think.

Erm... Ok. Something to celebrate abt. I got my internet account at office loh. Supervisor apply for me cause need to go MOM website help foreign workers apply work permit. For now don't need so can use to surf web & chat with my daddy on MSN.

Yesterday was the 1st time i had a meeting with the BIG boss aka grouchy old man. Anyway, he's very gentle with girls. H…
8th Jan 2007 A great day to remember…

Today is the starting point of my life as a child without a mother. So to put it in correct words, I would be an orphan since my father is seldom ard. I have plans to disown my mother the legal way. Do any of you know any lawyers? What are their fees like?


Before you start thinking I’m foolish to be doing this, let me tell you that I did not ask for it. My mum forced into this. She was the 1 who openly declared that she regret giving birth to me, told me that I can don’t acknowledge her & that now she nvr wants to talk to me again plus she said she will not attend my wedding.

I’m not the least bit upset abt it. I knew this was coming sooner or later. Just waiting for the time when it happens. I’m glad to get out of her torturing nonsensical ways of saying & doing things. Those who don’t believe me can tell me. I can show you all the messages she sent. I do not like people to threaten me. My wedding will not fail to go on smoothly because…
Today is a lazy day. Feel like doing nothing but just rot ard at home. Nice cool breeze blowing thru the windows while i'm lying comfortably on my bed. Brings back fond memories of my secondary school days. How wonderful. No worries. Suddenly i feel so old.

I also realise that actually i have alot of friends reading my blog. Just that i don't know abt it. Why don't you guys write me a comment so that i'll know who has been here? Don't just read my blog secretly. Give me comments on how you feel.

If my blog sucks, let me know.

If my blog is funny, let me know.

If my blog is interesting, let me know.

If my blog offended you in any ways, let me know.(Fatso kor, you can't complain cause without you, my blog will not be funny anymore. That is a compliment. Muahahaha...)

On any particular entries that you like or have any comments abt it, DO write. I welcome anybody & everybodys' comment.

I don't care who you are, whether if you love or hate my blog. I would lov…
I guess this will an entry of complaints. Please bear with me. It'll be pretty short i guess.

Remember my previous entry abt me bringing my brother to the movies? I just remember something that irritated me badly while i was in the cinema. See how short term my memory is?

Anyway, back to the cinema. There was this mother & 2 sons that came into the cinema & sat behind us. I shall not mention the race. People who are interested in knowing can leave me a comment to ask. The 2 kids were damn fucking irritating. The moment their ass touches the seat, they shouted: "Mummy, i can't see!"

Fuck! They made it sound as though it's my fucking fault. I would gladly love to exchange seats with them. Who the fuck would want to seat 4 rows away from the screen? Got back seat still want complain. Sit properly la. Don't slouch you lazy asshole.

In the end, i was the 1 slouching so those 2 fuckings kids can watch the show. Ooooohhh... How my back hurts. I feel so stupid.

I …
Very upset. Very tired. Very fustrated. Cried out gallons of tears. All in 1 day. I think i'm going crazy soon.

Mum was admitted to the hospital last night due to severe pain in the abdomen. Doctor did an x-ray & it shows a lump. Suspect to be stone in the kidney but can't be sure. Need to wait for an appointment to go urology & let some specialist do the detailed check ups.

Pissed me off badly by saying she wants to die. Feel like strangling her to death.

She can push all the blame to me for all I care. It ain't my fault & she knows it. I think she's just going mad. She is always mad. I really don't wanna care. They can divorce all they want.

1st day back at work. Abit lost cause holiday too long le. Still the same. Boring. No internet access which is totally ridiculous. Feel like Santa Claus giving away presents that I bought for my colleagues.

1st time i actually talk to me BIG boss aka the grouchy old man. He was laughing at my parking skills. Hey! I can…

Was pretty busy yesterday. Brought my brother to watch this:

It was pretty funny or should i say it was truly hilarious. People who are depressed should watch this show. I guarantee you laugh till your jaw drops.After we got out from the theatre at the end of the show, guess what i saw?


A beautiful, lovely, enchanting rainbow. I haven't seen a rainbow for ages. Here you go:
Isn't it beautiful?Okay. Something weird happened. My mum actually called us out for new year dinner. I suggested Pasta Mania since we are at West Mall & she actually said okay & she even treat us eat though it cost near $100 without making noise. We decide to treat her drink coffee bean then.Before that, we "kop" pasta mania's dessert cup cause it look so cute. What a great way to start a new year.We went to Jason father's funeral but me & deardear did not step into the tent. We just stood outside &am…