8th Jan 2007 A great day to remember…

Today is the starting point of my life as a child without a mother. So to put it in correct words, I would be an orphan since my father is seldom ard. I have plans to disown my mother the legal way. Do any of you know any lawyers? What are their fees like?


Before you start thinking I’m foolish to be doing this, let me tell you that I did not ask for it. My mum forced into this. She was the 1 who openly declared that she regret giving birth to me, told me that I can don’t acknowledge her & that now she nvr wants to talk to me again plus she said she will not attend my wedding.

I’m not the least bit upset abt it. I knew this was coming sooner or later. Just waiting for the time when it happens. I’m glad to get out of her torturing nonsensical ways of saying & doing things. Those who don’t believe me can tell me. I can show you all the messages she sent. I do not like people to threaten me. My wedding will not fail to go on smoothly because of her.

I know she will nvr get a lawyer to disown me because she scared people say it’s her fault & that she’s not a good mother. Like she has ever been a good mother to us. So, I’m just doing her a favor by initiating the legal way of doing it. She should be happy.

Daddy told me that she said all that in a moment of anger. Like I care. Since when did she listen & understand that people say things out of anger? She can do it then others cannot. Selfish little spoilt brat. She always thinks she is so right. She always say people revengeful & bear grudges when she herself is like this.

Did she ever admit her mistake? NO! She doesn’t even bother. She got so obsessed with her fucked up god that she thinks she can get away with everything she does.

How would you feel if your mum ever told you that she is unable to show love to you because she has nvr received love from others? Do you think she’s selfish? If you think she is then I shall expect you to understand how I feel but if you think she’s not & that I’m making a hill out of a molehill, then you are probably the fucked up god she worships.

I thought all mums are great because they continue to love their children no matter what happens. They do not ask for anything in return. They give love regardless whether you need it or not. They do not get jealous of their own kids. They do not argue over small little things that only small kids would fight over with their kids. I want this kind of mother.

Apparently, this is not the case on my family. Whatever happened to Shi Shang Zi You Ma Ma Hao? Bullshit is what I think it is. Whoever wrote that song is a liar. He/she should take a look at how many different kind of mother there are on this world before deciding that all mothers are great. His/her mother is good doesn’t mean all mothers are like this. I had a lousy 1 so how do they explain it?

She told me not to regret it. I was like regret what? You are the 1 who said all this rubbish & you tell me not to regret it. It should be the other way round. I hope she does not regret losing me as a daughter cause I’ll nvr turn back again.

She thinks that just because she say things out of anger then everything will be fine after awhile. She’s so wrong. I think she deserves some kind of punishment. This time I shall make whatever she say come true because I truly believe that no matter how angry a person is would nvr say this kind of thing to their children. She has got too much hatred in her because she bears too much grudges.

She keeps provoking me again & again. She nvr keeps her promises. I do not want a mother who only cares for herself. I had enough of her. This is the last straw. I’ve tried to be nice & care for her. I tried to turn the other cheek but there’s only so much a human can bear.


  1. aiyo.. things dont really have to turn out that bad mah.. just take a time out and both relax.. see how things go.. ppl often to make irreversible mistake because of a moment rashness. so just watch for a few days see how lor.


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