Busy busy busy... Running up & down non-stop. Everyday also like that i will die arr... Moved all my things up to the office. Less dust but also less freedom.

I just realise that my supervisor put on the ad for 1 week so there will be people coming in for interview for the whole of 1 week. Damn! Busy week for me.

There's a requirement that we cannot apply work permit for India workers cause it's a new rule that manufacturing company cannot. I also don't know why. But alot of workers from India came forward to apply.

No no! We are not being racist. No racial discrimination in the company. We have indians & malays in the company. Just that we are only allowed to take in Singaporean, PR & malaysians.

It breaks my heart to see the expression on their faces when i told them that we are unable to apply work permits for them. Some of them the education lvl quite high lor. What a waste.

Yesterday, 1 of the renovation workers, an indian guy if i'm not wrong was injured. An unexpected thing happened. The glass they were suppose to remove suddenly broke into small pieces. Those glasses flew & hit that guy on the arm. *ouch!*

The wound was a terrible sight to behold. It was at least 2cm wide, 5cm long & 1cm deep. There were still fragments of glasses in the wound & he had to go to the clinic to clean up & stitch the wound before it gets infected.

I'm utterly impressed with that guy. Those on the spot were going crazy & frantic over his wound but he still can smile & say "No pain. *press the wound* No pain at all" Oh man! I'm impressed with his guts. He's a real man!

After lunch, i saw him coming back from the clinic & continue to work though he's not suppose to do too much heavy jobs that will threaten the wound to open up again. But, he's suppose to stay home & rest! Today, he came to work again. I admire his courage.

What's so nice abt soccers when Singapore is 1 of the team playing? Guys! I don't understand them. They can be so lame until Singapore match also can watch. *ahem!* I don't need say much la. It's kinda obvious i don't really support *ahem!* you know?

I think they are really sucky lor but i shall not comment too much in case some Singapore Soccer Club decides to sue me. I shall just complain aloud to deardear though he totally support & is 1 of those idiots who actually watch the match.

I must go make his life miserable for supporting them instead of my comments on them. He even dare rebutt(spelling correct?) me. The cheek of that guy. He must be too tired of living.

Thanks to Jackson for teaching me the ways of playing Zero point. He claims to be the childhood game god. So people, if you have any games you forgot to play, you can ask him. Can ask me for his email add. If you wanna get to know him *ahem* can also ask me for his email add. Handsome fellow.

While i'm on it, Jackson, since you are the childhood game god? Why don't you start creating some games that everyone can play? How abt teaching me the secrets of winning the zero point game as well?

Alright! I'm back to my cross stitching world. Bought it since last year but have been procrastinating on doing it. Too lazy.

What what? Think i don't know or don't look like that kind of girl izzit? Humph! I tell you arr. I can do cross stitch beautifully & i know how to cook so stop looking down on me. You can nvr imagine the kind of food i can whipped up. Too bad but you got no chance to taste it since you look down on me.

Back to the cross stitch. I'll be too busy doing to cross stitch so i'll be blogging less. Gotta finish it before my wedding.(Hopefully) I'll still blog & update just not so often nia.

People, if you're interested in getting me to help you do cross stitch can email me. It's not free okay? I charge for the effort i put in. Prices range depending on the size & the time frame you give me. It'll definitely be cheaper than buying from the shops outside.

I'll take a photo of my work & post it here as soon as i get a good quality camera in case you suspect the ability of my handicraft skill. If you're satisfied, do look for me ok? I promise you won't regret it. It'll be so nice you'll love me for it.

Hope to hear some good news soon. Recommend me to your friends.


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