Can somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with having red hair or rather, being a red head? Why is there a worker making fun of me saying things like hong yun dang tou? Not that i mind but i have nvr even talk to him before.

Damn! Can't a person work in peace? Why can't he just mind his own business & leave me alone? What? Trying to hit on me izzit? Sorry but i'm MARRIED! Read this & eat yourself tonight.

Went for a smoking break & he saw me while leaving the company premises to go collect something. He actually "gostan" & drove towards me in his pathetic bike. Came over smiling & ask why i so lonely smoke alone. Why i nvr jio him go smoke.


Why must i ask him? Duh! I don't even him that well & i have nvr ever smoke with him before. What? Just because he made fun of me & i laugh at his joke make me his friend? HELLO! It's time to wake up! I laugh because i like to laugh. Not because i want to be friends with you.


Mayb i should just calm down. He got his well deserved punishment because it's raining heavily now & he's still out there. Bwahahaaha... Serve him right!


Why, you ask me. Cause i paid thousand over bucks to get a low quality cabinet. It's only less than 3 months & my cabinet is full of moldy molds! Plus there are TERMITES crawling all over my cupboard. Even my clothes also kanna.


I itch whenever i think of that huge pile of molds & stupid termites crawling all over my panties, bras, kotex & my beautiful clothes. I cringe whenever i think of whatever will happen if i unknowingly put on my panties, bras, kotex & beautiful clothes with those mold & termites on it.


The termites will climb into my *ahem!* & then i'll die because the termites eat all my insides. Eeewwww... I shudder at the thought of it.

Pardon me for those who are eating right now but i just couldn't resist it. Haha!


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