Fuck Fuck Fuck! Arghhh! Damn the world! I hate this world! Aaahhhhh...(screams hysterically) Oops! Hope i didn't scare you guys. Was just letting off some steam.

Last saturday was suppose to meet my all time great sisters but as usual, they play me out. I only manage to meet 1 of them & also another friend of mine. Needed to pass out all the invitation cards. What a bloody waste of my time!

I travel all the way down to meet them but they nvr turn up & in the end i need to buy stamps so i can mail it to them. Fucking waste of petrol & stamps. Both also cost money lor. This people ar. Very selfish. Nvr spare a thought for me.

I shall post up nice nice pictures of those 2 who didn't waste my time travelling down later.

Was busy giving out invitation cards on the whole of saturday. Met 1 of deardear's friend Rachel. I must say she damn cute lor. Very small size & the way she talks is really like a comedian. Extremely hilarious. I'm beginning to like her & another 2 female friends by the name of Jing Jing & Ginny.

That night, i also saw a bangala kena knocked down. I mean i didn't see the process la but when i went pass that particular street, i saw a bangala lying down on the street but lucky he did not die cause i did not see the paramedics wrap him up. He was sent to the hospital instead.

I wonder what happen to the driver. A young chinese guy. He was sitting in the car looking very pale. Obviously he was still unable to get over the shock. Hmmmm... Whose fault leh? Didn't bother to ask.

Singapore law very unfriendly. Doesn't matter whose fault, as long you knock people down, your fault. I pity the chinese guy. He'll be very traumatized for the rest of his life.

In case you are wondering, the 2 cuties did not come due to some reason but they might be coming this week instead. Hooray!

On sunday, we went to have high tea to celebrate my sister's birthday. Lousy place. Not value for money at all. I only remember the place is located somewhere near Novena.

17 bucks for dried up siew mai, small bowl of laksa, small bowl of mee siam which taste extremely revolting, small bowl of prawn noodles, small bowl of porridge, tiny glass of orange juice & small bowl of ice kachang. The food totally sucks big time.

I shall also post up photos taken at the coffee house later. Now is time to complain. Okay la! I know la! I've been complaining since the beginning of this blog entry la but i still have lots more to complain.

This morning on my way to work, for those who don't know, i drive to work. My company is located at Tuas. I stopped at a traffic light with another car in front of me. Red light la. Don't need explain in details right? The driver suddenly open his door & SPIT!


I don't know what the hell is wrong with him lor. Spit right in front of me & his spit is white in colour abit like vomit like that. Once again, i would like to apologise to people who are eating right now. I too lost my appetite when i saw it. I am extremely tramautized. Somebody, please help!

Today very busy, total of 3 new workers & i had to give them orientation. Run up & down the office non-stop. Don't know today is i damn fucking suay or what. I freaking dropped my phone & now my LCD screen cracked.

Fuck Fuck Fuck! Arghhh! Damn the world! I hate this world! Aaahhhhh...(screams hysterically)

Okie! Time for some photos. Trying to make my blog seem more interesting with loads of photos of me but i reckon people will just stay away from my blog. Hahaha! (Kidding!)

I will not tramautize people with ugly pictures of me in this blog. I try put more mei nu photo ok?(wait till they see that i'm actually the ultimate mei nu) Ahem! Pardon me. I was just mumbling to myself.

Photo Session

Me & Kaiwen

This guy is 1 great joker. He & Jackson are best of friends. Nvr fail to make me laugh like a mad woman. Don't see his face black black, serious serious. When you know him, he is so damn funny.

His nickname is Chai la. Haha! When i 1st got to know him, i ask for his name & he ask me to chai la(guess) so i ask him the 2nd time & he still refuse to tell me & continue to ask me to chai la & therefore his nickname.

Jacinta & me

Jacinta is 1 of my sisters. There are another 3 whose names are Ling, Dilla & Poh Cheng. I do not have their photos so mayb another time. All 5 of us got to know each other working in the same company. We are Captain Planet! Haha! I can almost hear Dilla singing the theme song.

I always laugh at Jacinta say she flat chested but she very sporting. She nvr get angry but instead laugh at my pathetic joke. Where to find sisters like this? She damn good lor.

Chai la also works in the same company as us(but he left) & so is Jackson(an extremely caring & meticulous financial advisor. Need policy do look for him. He's da best!). Those are the happiest moment in my life. Jacinta is of cos the prettiest among us but she attached liao so don't ask me recommend her to you. Hands off!

Me & deardear (I look so fat!) =(

Sean(my brother) & me. He cute hor? But very naughty!

Okay! Being a very bad sister, i did not buy any presents for my sister. I know i'm baaaad. Stop reminding me. Anyway, her bf very romantic bring her go cable car dinner so i this sister no use liao la. I hope they don't look down & vomit.

So, if you happen to see my sister tonight, please wish her a very Happy Birthday!(Yes. Her birthday is today. 22nd Jan) Or you can leave a comment saying Happy Birthday to her. All help me wish her please... I shall post up a big big photo of hers in case you don't recognise her.















Doesn't she look adorable? (*snigger*)


  1. hhaha ur sis let u post her pic ar whahah..

    thanks for the advertisement wor aahhaha.


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