*groans in agony* Back pain... New mattress so hard... I've been having sleepless nights... I bloody hate Seahorse! Seahorse my ass la. It's as good as sleeping on the floor. Don't know why they have to make their mattress so hard. I can't even bounce on it.

Too bad i'm poor la. What to do? Got seahorse good enough liao. Better than really sleeping on cold hard floor. Pui! If lao niang got money, i will buy the best mattress arr... King koil also better than stupid seahorse lor.

Sighz... Too bad la! I poor ma. If i am filthy rich, i'll buy a watery water bed & bounce the whole night until i sian & i'll prick the bed with pins until the bed burst then can become my private swimming pool liao.

Aiyah! Why i so poor leh? If i super duper rich hor, okay okay. I stop. This is getting irritating. But then hor... Why ar? Sighz... Can somebody tell me why ar? (my subconcious: SHUT THE FUCK UP LA! BITCH!)

Okay la! Shut up then shut up la. Don't talk then don't talk lor. I keep quiet lor.

Er... Can i talk now? I promise not to talk abt the mattress liao. I just hope i can get used to it soon. But hor... Really la really la... Last liao... I promise this is the last thing abt the mattress i'm going to talk abt.

I was complaining to deardear how uncomfortable the bed is then his mother come yak yak yak... "This bed good la. Good for you all young people. Now young must sleep this kind of bed then good for your bones ma. You know..."yak yak yak...

Chui gong lampa song(Hokkien)... I also know she meant good la. But i nvr say want waste money buy new bed ma. Complain abit will die meh? She try sleep on the mattress lor. Kao! Talk too much la!

Next is my father-in-law. I came to a conclusion that he bathes like a wild animal. Either that or he just gets a kick out of wetting the toilet bowl. I know my house toilet small la but if i can bath without wetting the toilet bowl then why can't he do the same?

Make it so difficult for me to go to the toilet without me getting my butt wet. Every morning when i wake up, i still need to grab toilet paper bend down & wipe the seat before i can pee in peace.

People wake up early in the morning very groggy 1 leh. Cannot let me just sit down peacefully & do my business meh? So selfish de. Next time i make his towel wet so he cannot dry his body after he finish bathing. (Haha! Just kidding! Deardear don't angry.)

Yesterday, i went for lunch with my colleagues, on my way to the particular store to order food, i went past this middle age uncle who is also q-ing up. Suddenly he look at me & say: " Wah! Your hair very nice hor?"


He scare the hell out of me man. I quickly walk towards the store i wanted to order from before he can talk to me again. Lucky 1 of my colleague, Janice is just in front of me. I thought he was gonna take my hair & smell lor.

Uncle, i'm the girl with the fiery red hair. If you ever read this, i wanna say thanks for such an exciting lunch experience leh. You scare the shit out of me.

Last night, i send my phone for repair. Gone case liao. So now using a lousy phone loaned from the shop. Sibei sian ar... Why i so suay 1? Really damn fucking suay. Don't believe me? Hah! You shall see.

On my way to fetch deardear after work today, i was cruising along lane 3, something splattered right in front of me on my wind screen. I thought it was just rain water but when i take a closer look, it's whitish in colour.


See la! Got so heng anot? Other cars don't kena but me only. Arghhhh... KNNBCCB! Where got not suay like that? It must be a hint for me to go buy 4D. If really strike, i must go & thank the bird liao. Thanks for giving me the luck. Please shit more on my car.

Back track abit, the FRESH birdshit actually not so disgusting compared to those already dried up. It looks abit like sperm. For those who doesn't know how sperm looks like*cough underage cough*, wait till you're older before finding out. I do not teach sex education here.

Alright! I've set up a guestbook. It's specially set up for those people who always read my blog but nvr like to leave comments despite me begging so many times. I just wanna know who reads my blog. Very difficult meh?

At least i know which friend has been reading or ever come across my blog so i can be careful with my words.*ahem!* For those who doesn't know me or i don't know you. Whatever la. It's the same. Please sign my guestbook as well & mayb we can be friends. =)

Okay! The link is just up there on the right side underneath my profile. So... What are you waiting for? Go SIGN it NOW!


  1. live w parents-in-law is like that one mah. Learn to tolerate and live in peace! =)


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