Had a busy weekend trying to be a nanny. Deardear's niece & nephew(twins) who are also my niece & nephew since i'm married to him. Okay. I know i'm talking rubbish here. They came over our place to stay for the weekend.

In case their parents ever come across my blog, i would like to say that they are 2 lovely angels. (Hah! Like real!) No! Not that i dislike them or what. I love them! They are a pair of beautiful twins & really adorable though sometimes they can be very naughty.

It's normal for kids to be naughty but they can get pretty irritating. They will wake you up early in the morning by jumping on you or take away your pillow so that your head slams right onto the bed(Ouch!) just so you can play with them. They ask alot of funny questions when you can't even understand half of what they are saying. They talk way too fast.

Ang moh kids. It's just so difficult to communicate with them. Still, they are adorable. Although deardear seems to be very fierce as an uncle to them, i can see that he loves them as much as i do.

There's 1 thing that i like abt them is that they can understand alot of things not many 4 yr old kids can. That's the diference between ang moh & asian kids. Their brain develop faster. Deardear's sister is really lucky to get married to an ang moh. I also want but can't. Haha! I can only dream abt it.

I went to get my hair done cause my wedding is coming soon. I do not want to go to my wedding with dull hair colours plus new year is coming. I'm too lazy to continue blogging so i shall post up some pictures of my hair & those 2 cute devil in disguise.

Before that, i would like to apologize for not putting up my holiday photos like i promise because i really do not want to see those pictures on my blog thus bringing back painful memories.

Photo Sessions


After (Nice?)

Deardear look so cute & me ugly. (Sorry it looks so blur. Hp resolution not very good.)

Haha! So cute!

Bleah! =p

I forgot to intro. Their names are Elle & Sam. I call them Ellen & Sammy!

OMG! I love them so much!!!

They'll be coming over again this weekend. More photos of them with a good quality camera. Next monday is my sista's 19th birthday but we'll be celebrating over the weekend. What should i buy for her? I'm on a tight budget. Can someone give me some opinions? Or mayb i should just ask her straight?


  1. ok la.. give u another comment.. in case u strangle mi whahha.
    ohh so the photos i saw in ur living room is ur hubby's aunt and her husband ar..

    yup nice and cute and when they grow up sure nice looking de.. always the case whahha

  2. Damn you! Who part u dun understand? My hubby's big sister la. What aunt? Smack your face!

  3. aiya dunno leh.. cos never see b4 mah.. aiyo kk now i know le


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