I guess this will an entry of complaints. Please bear with me. It'll be pretty short i guess.

Remember my previous entry abt me bringing my brother to the movies? I just remember something that irritated me badly while i was in the cinema. See how short term my memory is?

Anyway, back to the cinema. There was this mother & 2 sons that came into the cinema & sat behind us. I shall not mention the race. People who are interested in knowing can leave me a comment to ask. The 2 kids were damn fucking irritating. The moment their ass touches the seat, they shouted: "Mummy, i can't see!"

Fuck! They made it sound as though it's my fucking fault. I would gladly love to exchange seats with them. Who the fuck would want to seat 4 rows away from the screen? Got back seat still want complain. Sit properly la. Don't slouch you lazy asshole.

In the end, i was the 1 slouching so those 2 fuckings kids can watch the show. Ooooohhh... How my back hurts. I feel so stupid.

I made fun of them right in front of their faces. I turn to my brother & say to him: "Help! I'm blind! I'm blind! I can't see!" I don't know if they heard it but me & my brother was laughing all the way till the show started.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with drivers nowadays. It seems that all kinds of cars are picking on me. The tailgate me. They overtake me. Damn! I hope they all get into a chain crash. All the cars that are involved in the chain crash are no one else except those that ever disturbed me.

I've stopped doing all those funny things to people so why are there people trying to disturb me? Look down on me cause i'm a woman driver? Hah! Obviously you don't know me & my driving skills. Am i suppose to go back to the old way so i bully instead of getting bullied?

Friends out there please leave me a comment to let me know how you feel. Is that what i'm supposed to do?


  1. Roy: I hate singapore female drivers smtimes too. =X


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