I saw something very funny today. It was totally hilarious. The hair salon i always go is located opposite my house under a hdb flat.

Today i went past that area after work & saw that the shops beneath were all closed. No lights at all then i realised that the whole block blacked out. So dark...

The next i saw was people sitting outside the salon cutting hair. Wahahaha... So funny. I couldn't resist but laugh out loud.

I wanted to take a picture of it to show de but it was too dark & my hp does not have flash equipped on it. You don't expect me to have a camera on me wherever i go right? Just try to use your imagination.

Anyway, i think the guy getting his hair cut must be feeling damn fucking paiseh lor. SO many people staring at him. If i were him, i would just pay up & leave but thinking back abt it, what happens if the hair looks ugly cause it's not complete yet? Look very half fuck hor?

So the question today is, if the same situation falls on you what would you do?
  1. Continue getting your hair cut outside the salon regardless of so many eyes staring & some sniggering in 1 corner or
  2. Pay up & walk away with a half fuck looking hair.

Please leave your answers in the comments. Must choose 1.

Despite me being so happy & mean abt the situation as i'm not 1 of those people involved, some muthafucker had to come & spoil my mood asking: "Very funny meh?"*gives a you so ridiculous look*

Fuck you ok? Stay far far away from me. I don't talk to people with no sense of humour. It's no wonder why you do not have a gf up till now. You've wasted like 23(oops! wrong), 24 years of your life slacking ard, gaining weight & finding excuses.


Girls do not like a guy who is fat & without a sense of humour. BORING!

What what? You don't expect your gf(if you ever have 1) to be the 1 to make you laugh do you, you bloody inconsiderate bastard.

Okay! That's it! Please answer the question above.


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