This is gonna be 1 long & boring entry. Please bear with me.

Too busy till i lost track of things. My short term memory is getting worse. Last saturday, nothing much happened. I accompany my sister to a photoshoot. She's doing a portfolio & in hope that she may be chosen as a model.

On the way there, i had to wait in the rain to get a cab for her. What the hell? I found myself rather stupid. End up, me, deardear & khai had to wait outside the studio for 2 hr plus for her to finish. I fell asleep promptly.

The 2 cuties came over my place again this weekend but they were pretty sick so didn't really play with them. I forgot to take photos for them cause really too busy. Jason kor came over to my place on saturday & stay overnight. We had fun talking nonsense.

Sunday morning, i went to my grandma place to send out invitation cards. After that, i sent my mum(Yes.. I've decided to talk to her again. Don't ask me why or i'll slap you.) to Bugis & proceeded to meet my good time old friends.

Only ah kwan, her husband Daniel & Liang Hao meet up with me. Peter was busy with something & couldn't meet us. We had dinner at Mr Bean & talk cock abit. After that, we went to fetch my mum again, send her to Plaza Sing then send ah kwan & Daniel home.

See? I'm such a nice girl but my mother arr... Don't know what to say. She had a quarrel with my sister & she told her "You continue to be like this, you'll go to hell like your sister!" Duh! What has it gotta do with me?

Everything was ok for the whole day. I was being nice to her & everything but she say this kind of thing. Wahahaha... Really damn funny. Don't know what her church teach her. City Harvest is even better than her church i think. They only exploit peoples' money. They don't teach people to curse.

Okay! Both are equally bad. 1 exploits money & the other teaches how to curse people. They should join forces to curse & exploit money.

Mum: Or i shall curse you to death!

Victim: No way! I will not give it to you!

Mum: Go to hell... Go to hell... Go to hell...

Victim: Waahhhhh.... I don't wanna die! Take all my money! Sob... Sob...

Kakakaka... Good right? It's such a good idea. City Harvest people if you ever read this & earn money from it, remember to split some to me cause it's MY idea. Muahahahaha... I'm such a evil person.

I realise that people will view my guestbook but nvr write in it. Totally defeat my purpose of setting up 1. It's for you to SIGN! NOT SEE SEE LOOK LOOK! So far, only fatso kor wrote in it. Unbelievable!

Talking abt fatso kor, really damn fucking pissed off with him. He told me he kena accident so out of concern, i ask him if anybody died in the accident because he did not say how major or minor was the accident but at least i bothered to ask. Instead, he msg me back saying "Ya la! You hope someone(meaning himself) will get injured izzit?"


Better don't tell me right? Chee bye kia! People concern liao still want talk like that then in the 1st place don't tell la. KNN! Know that he wronged me liao still don't wanna say sorry. Talk sarcastic somemore. Where got people like that 1? Go & die la! @$%#%^$&^$

Today was the worst day in my life. As grouchy old man believes alot in feng shui, he decided to have a renovation to shift the position of the doors in the lobby. The renovation starts today. Drilling right beside my receptionist desk.

Can you imagine all the drilling going on right in your ear? How to work like that? Plus there's 5 new worker starting work today so i need to orientate them & alot of people coming for interview today. Busy like fuck lor.

As it's getting more dusty, i decide to flee that area. I would be covered in dust if i continued staying there. The worst thing is that i had to clean up all the mess after the bloody renovation & it's not just today! I feel so exploited by the company.

There will be renovation going on for the next 1 week. I think i'm going crazy soon. My desk is being sealed up & i can't use it for the next 1 week. Gotta bring my laptop there. So ma fan. Sianz...

My hands are already beginning to feel rough after all the cleaning up today. I'm being tortured. I nvr need to do house work since young till now & nvr will i ever do it! But they made me do it at the office. So unfair! Waahhhh... I wanna cry.

Btw, does anybody still remember how to play Zero point? I bought a whole lot of rubber bands with my sister & finished making the so-called zero point thingy when we realised that we actually forgot how to play liao. Wahahaha... Sibei lame...

So... Can anybody out there who still remember teach me how to play? Leave me a comment or email me. Thanks alot!


  1. zero point ar.. first u start by stepping the rope on the floor and the player go over shouting "zero point" than of cos that's the first lvl. followed by knee lvl, hip lvl, armpit lvl, shoulder lvl, ear lvl and head lvl. (note: only ear lvl and head lvl can use other method to cross, eg, run and use hand to depress the rope and flip over)

    after crossing the head lvl, next is the killer lvl for mi, the ppl holding the rope will sway the rope up and down hard, making the whipping sound. than players have to get over without getting themselves entangle or getting the rope over their body, than they consider pass.. and those player who pass can proceed to the next lvl which is to rescues the player who failed to cross the stage.. by fliping the rope under one leg. and 1 player failed have to mulitphy the amount by 10. eg 1 player failed is 10times the hook of the rope, 2 players failed is 20times the hook of the rope.

    if the players is able to complete the fortfite than the rest of the team is revive than the game carry on. if unable to complete it than the game still carry on with the remaining player who are "alive".

    any questions pls ask the "childhood game god" mi!!!


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