Very upset. Very tired. Very fustrated. Cried out gallons of tears. All in 1 day. I think i'm going crazy soon.

Mum was admitted to the hospital last night due to severe pain in the abdomen. Doctor did an x-ray & it shows a lump. Suspect to be stone in the kidney but can't be sure. Need to wait for an appointment to go urology & let some specialist do the detailed check ups.

Pissed me off badly by saying she wants to die. Feel like strangling her to death.

She can push all the blame to me for all I care. It ain't my fault & she knows it. I think she's just going mad. She is always mad. I really don't wanna care. They can divorce all they want.

1st day back at work. Abit lost cause holiday too long le. Still the same. Boring. No internet access which is totally ridiculous. Feel like Santa Claus giving away presents that I bought for my colleagues.

1st time i actually talk to me BIG boss aka the grouchy old man. He was laughing at my parking skills. Hey! I can park well ok? I was just rushing to clock in so chin cai park 1st. How can laugh at me? Damnit!

Fatso kor called me today & asks me a extremely sophisticated question. “Do you want to go cycling?” I am seriously APPALLED ( hope I spell it correctly) by that question. Since when did he become so enthusiastic abt working out?


My guess was correct. His new year resolution would to be SLIM DOWN. Haha! I can go become fortune teller liaoz. Good for him though. BUT i was still doubtful therefore I dare him to bet with me.

If he can slim down by the end of this year, i'll pay for any modifications he want to do to his car plus 3 car wash which includes waxing. BUT, if he loses the bet, he'll have to give me his car. So guess what? He refuse to take up the bet with me.

How disappointing. Obviously he is not confident abt winning the bet cause his resolution to slim down is just temporary. He'll be back to his old self in no time. Duh! Stop lying to others & to yourself.

Went home to see my mum & she was again on her crazy senseless rampage. Insisting that my father has an affair outside when she have no evidence at all. She, having an affair outside doesn’t mean others will do the same as well. What stupid mentality she has.

Tried to commit suicide by mixing her stupid Choya drink which is so called alcoholic Japanese drink & pills together.

Double duh!

Snatch the bottle away from her & thus resulting a cut in my finger instead. Does she not feel happy until the day my wedding is being destroyed by her? I really don’t understand her anymore.

Is this what GOD teaches her? I'm nvr ever stepping into church again. She only knows how to see fault in others but nvr herself. Why so selfish? Always creating stories just to draw attention to herself. Doesn't she realize the consequences of lying? I did something that i shouldn't do. I gave her 2 slaps to wake her up.

She always say that we turn our backs on her but what she didn't realize is that she is the 1 that turn her backs on us.

Very disappointed with her. As much as I would like to help her but if she doesn't help herself then no one can do anything to help her anymore. There's always a limit to what 1 can do.



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