Was too tired yesterday so didn't blog. The previous night i slept at ard 2am cause i was watching a korean love story with my mother-in-law & the show is so nice till i'm not willing to go to bed.

I have a good mind not to go to work when i woke up yesterday morning but i can't. Must work then got $$$ ma. Still, i amazingly managed to survive till the end of the day.

Back to the show. I can't remember the shows' name but i do know it features Rain & some other actors & actresses whom i do not know & nvr heard of.

Rain is SO handsome in the show. I said in the show. I don't know what the hell happened to him now. Does not seem as handsome as in the show. Too tanned i guess. Anyway, i don't really like to watch korean shows & i don't like lovey dovey shows but this show is too good to be missed.

Have you ever think back to those days when you just started out with your bf or husband? Kinda lost those feeling already right? But this show actually brought back all my memories. I feel like a small girl again. Wahahaha...

This is lame. I'm self entertaining myself because i'm so bored. I'm lacking of caffeine within me. Help... I'm dying due to insufficient caffeine. The vending machine at the office ran out of coffee le.

I seriously think i should become Nescafe's spokesperson but we shall talk abt that some other time.

Let's talk abt work. Now i'm helping to do HR thing so got alot of new things to learn. Pretty cool in comparision to those daily routine but abit complicated lor. The 1st thing i learn is to help foreign workers apply work permit. Not easy wor.

I also need to contact the foreign workers etc... Next monday there'll be a new worker coming in & i actually managed to prepare all the neccessary documents. I amaze myself sometimes at how fast i learn.

Okay... That's very shameless of me.

I'll also need to give them orientation on their 1st day of work. I damn scared i cannot talk properly or trip & fall in front of them thus making a fool out of myself.

Back to work. Will blog again after i get my coffee & feeling more energetic.


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