What shall i say? I've been very forgetful nowadays. I always can't remember what i want to say. Things can happen & 5 mins later i forget.

Er... What did i say just now? Shit! I hate myself!

Cigarettes are killing my brain cells. Mayb i should smoke less. NAH! Impossible! Not when all your colleagues know you smoke & always jio you for smoking session.

Sorry hor. I'm a person who cannot resist temptation so don't tell me how i must have a will to quit. It's bullshit! Ok. That's not the point of today's entry.

What i wanted to blog today is... Bloody hell! I forget again. Let me think.

Erm... Ok. Something to celebrate abt. I got my internet account at office loh. Supervisor apply for me cause need to go MOM website help foreign workers apply work permit. For now don't need so can use to surf web & chat with my daddy on MSN.

Yesterday was the 1st time i had a meeting with the BIG boss aka grouchy old man. Anyway, he's very gentle with girls. He's just fierce with guys.

Er... That's not the point either. I just wanted to say that it was the 1st meeting i had with him though it's not official. Just for recording purposes.

I thought he was gonna shout at me or something since that's what he always do in meetings cause everytime i walk past the meeting room, that's what i see. I can even hear it from outside. Imagine how LOUD it is.

So, like i said. He's very gentle with girls. The main purpose of the meeting is for me to pass on my timesheet to 1 of the manager to do since people from the production side doesn't want to co-operate with me or as they claim, they are always too busy.

The manager just took over the thing & the "boss" expect to have a report by tomorrow morning. Poor thing.

Why is it that people by the name of Kian Boon is always so fucking suay ard me? I simply cannot understand. Our 8 characters don't match or what? Please enlighten me if you know. They should change their name. It's bringing them bad luck.

I'm so sorry you now have to take over the shit i went thru Mr Roger, Ng Kian Boon. I doubt he'll ever come across my blog so it doesn't really matter. I tried my best to help but grouchy old man order me not to help. Oh well... I wonder what he did to make "boss" want tekan him until like that.

Hmmm... This senario... Sounds pretty much like what is happening to someone i know. Ok. Let's not go into that shall we? I don't feel like giving any sarcastic remarks today.

In fact, i've been feeling pretty moody this few days. Mayb it's the weather, mayb not. I think i need some kind of entertainment to cheer me up like mayb go for a drink or spin(hint). Something did cheer me up a little today.

My hermit crab went into the moulting stage!

Totally cool if you ask me. Initially i was shocked to see the outer shell of the crab. I thought my crabby died but when i saw it lying few metres away then i knew. That must be the old shell after it moulted.

Right now, it's just very translucent. Have to wait for it's exoskeleton to harden before putting it back together with it's friends. Arbo if they hurt it during its' most vulnerable stage cham arr... I don't want my crabby to die. See? I'm a person with compassion so i'm not that mean afterall.

CHANGE... I say, change your thinking of me. I'm always repeating myself. I'm only mean & evil selectively. NOT EVERYTIME!

So, now i don't need to do timesheet le, can help my supervisor do HR work le. But she have not compile the things she want me to do yet cause still need to discuss with grouchy old man so i was practically free to do anything i want today.

Yup... Apart from surfing web, what else can i do? Okay. I did help do something today la. I help to label keys & calculate the number of OT hours for contract workers. Nothing else. *Yawn!*

Thanks to friends who are concerned abt me for the previous entry. I appreciate it. Why do people only leave comments when it's something sad & serious? Friends who try to talk me out of it. Pls save your energy & forget it. I don't need it.

If you want to make me laugh & be happy, i welcome you with both arms opened. Don't try to change my mind abt this. You're just wasting your breath. What i need is comforting words & words of encouragement.

I don't really like people being mushy towards me so a joke that can make me laugh till my jaw drop will do. =)


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