Was pretty busy yesterday. Brought my brother to watch this:

It was pretty funny or should i say it was truly hilarious. People who are depressed should watch this show. I guarantee you laugh till your jaw drops.

After we got out from the theatre at the end of the show, guess what i saw?


A beautiful, lovely, enchanting rainbow. I haven't seen a rainbow for ages. Here you go:

Isn't it beautiful?

Okay. Something weird happened. My mum actually called us out for new year dinner. I suggested Pasta Mania since we are at West Mall & she actually said okay & she even treat us eat though it cost near $100 without making noise. We decide to treat her drink coffee bean then.

Before that, we "kop" pasta mania's dessert cup cause it look so cute. What a great way to start a new year.

We went to Jason father's funeral but me & deardear did not step into the tent. We just stood outside & talk to him.

After that, we went home to play mahjong with my mum. I guess she needed the company from us.

Today, i accompany deardear to get a haircut & spend the rest of the day writing invitation cards. Deardear refuse to help me write saying that his hand writing sucks so i ended up with blisters on my fingers. Busy calling all my friends to get their surname.

Just finish writing my friends name. Some did not answer call so can't write yet. Tonight my mum is coming over & i have to write for all my relatives. Shag man.

Getting married is such a pain in the ass. I nvr want to attend weddings again.

I've made a few new year resolutions not just for myself but also for some of the people i know.

We shall talk abt my new year resolutions 1st & it would be:

  1. Strive to become a tai tai asap.
  2. Try not to be so mean & evil towards "some people" (A bit hard)

Deardear's new year resolution would be:

  1. Work hard & earn more money so that he can fulfil my wish to become a tai tai.

Gracie's new year resolution would be:

  1. Find a job & stay employed as long as she can.

Khai's new year resolution would be:

  1. Same as deardear except it's for my sister to become tai tai & not me.

Sean's new year resolution would be:

  1. Study hard & not be so mischievous. Listen to whatever his mother & sisters say.

Last but not least, Fatso kor's new year resolution(but i think it'll be hard for him to do so cause he's a person with no moral):

  1. Don't be so gay.
  2. Stop being a hypocrite.
  3. Keep his promises.
  4. Be a good friend. (eg. Don't talk bad behind people's back.)
  5. Don't fly people aeroplane.
  6. Don't borrow money from people because of overspending on useless things(like his car).
  7. Stop being so irritating.
  8. Stop being so busybody.
  9. Stop procrastinating.
  10. Stop complaining. Don't complain, complain & complain how life is miserable. Everyone is the same. You are not the only 1. There are others who are far worse than you are.
  11. Last of all & also the most important... SLIM DOWN!!!

Bwahahahaha... How true... I never lie. I guess my new year resolution number 2 can't be fulfilled but it doesn't matter. Who cares?

What's your new year resolution? Leave me a comment.


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