I feel so lazy to blog nowadays. Mayb it's just because i have nothing interesting happening in my life or mayb i'm just overloaded with work. Help me! I'm drowning in my own misery. Been feeling really listless. Mayb it's the stress coming from my wedding day. So many things, so little time.

I think this shall be a really boring entry. I think i will just post up some photos. I've been procrastinating abt doing a recommendation of my colleagues for a long long time. 1 who has left the company ask how come still nvr see his photo on my blog. I'm so sorry wilson. I will do it now.



She complains that this photo is too fat so i shall change another nicer 1 for her.


Better? All thanks to my superb taiko photography skills. Haha! So sad that she's leaving us soon.

Siew Ling!

A very nice lady. She's leaving us soon too. Very sad...


Also a very nice lady who just got married!


My best sista! Haha! She is 1 damn funny lady can? She always kena bully by Christopher de but she don't really care. See how happy she is?


Don't really know him but can see he quite nice la. Already left the company & is the 1 who ask me why nvr see his photo on my blog. Haha! There you go wilson. This is for you.


He is 1 mean guy. Remember i used to say he is a very sweet guy? I Was WRONG! Haha! Actually he can be very nice la. He just like to disturb Janice though it's rather mean of him saying that she's fat & all. He also very vain de. You don't believe? I show you!

See how vain he is? Goodness gracious me! He must be thinking "See? I so handsome. Everyone wants a piece of me." He is vain & mean & bhb! Hahaha! I hope he doesn't see this.

Also called Chris!

A very quiet guy. Same age as me & Sherry but still younger than us by a few months. Our long term temp guy here. Always keep to himself but like to eavesdrop on us whenever we talk & laugh to himself. I tell him don't kaypo but he say he's learning things from us. OMG! I must have taught him alot of bad things then. Teeheehee...

JJ or Double J!

Production's Supervisor. A very hardworking & funny man! I don't know if i'm allowed to post his picture cause i nvr ask for his permission but should be ok la. He will nvr come across my blog cause i think he doesn't surf net & he spends most of his time at work.

Ah Chuin!

My part time bf or so they say. Haha! JJ's right hand man. We very close to each other cause when i 1st came, he n i worked together on some timesheet thingy. Now no more le but we still very good friends. Can you believe that he's younger than me? I can't lor. But it's the truth! He's only 22 this year. What the hell happen to him? Where did his youth go? I really wonder.

Last but not least,

















Hehehe... I'm part of the company staff so must put my photo in also. Okay la. I can't help it la. I can't believe how good i look in those specs. Haha! Ok ok. I stop my nonsense.

This few days, Vincent kor & Lawrence came to look or me. I think they are the only guy friends now that i know whom drive bikes & i love sitting on their bikes! I'm a bike lover! Don't know when will be my turn to ride on 1 myself. Enough said. Here are photos of them.

Vincent Kor.

Always like to act shuai when taking photos then say he by nature is shuai de. Can't stand him. Woooo... Hahaha... K la! He damn handsome la can? Kor don't whack me!

Kor & me!

Stupid sleepy face. Take photos with me so boring meh?

Lawrence & me!

I can't stand it! Arghhhh!!!!! Both take photos with me both also sleepy face. Damn! I wanna slap their faces.

I can't believe this started out as a rather boring entry. I guess photos does make it seem more interesting. That's it! More photos in the future.


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