I finally fell sick. Was having fever, headache, flu & cough yesterday. What a combo. Felt groggy the whole day. Went to see a doctor but end up listening to him talk nonsense.

Went to meet a friend, Levin for dinner at West Mall. He came all the way from Hougang to meet me so he can pass me the angpow for my wedding. So nice of him. He was unable to turn up on my wedding but he still give me angpow.

Unlike some people. Never come & nvr call to inform then don't even bother to give angpow. This type of people buay paiseh 1. They will get their punishment de. The same thing will happen on their wedding. Better still, nobody will turn up for their wedding at all.

Sorry guys. Too busy to upload the photos. I'm a procrastinator. Really sorry abt it. Will do it asap.

Actually i don't understand why i must put photos on my blog. It is such a hassle to upload all the photos into the com then into the blog. Not that i have alot of photos la but uploading them is really troublesome especially if you have a com that works real slow.

Okay! Partly it's because i'm lazy too but i thought people comes to my blog to read my thoughts & what i have to say. Is having photos really that important?

Anyway, since i promise le i'll try to do it. I shall not procrastinate any further.


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