I had a wonderful day on saturday even though i was extremely tired. I was basically earning OT for nothing. Was there looking at the workers moving the tables & re-arranging them. I was just there as a supervisor. Of cause i did help to clean up my area la.

I also watch people from the production side doing their work. Now i finally know how the cover of a CPU is being made. Looks pretty fun though they claim that it's dangerous work. You may hurt yourself in the process if you're not careful enough.

Well... Accidents do happen. I've seen a few already. It's not that bad actually if you take precaution measures to put on your PPE & be really careful! But it's really fun! It's a kind of experience for me. I even get to operate the machines under supervision.

Sunday was just boring. Busy running up & down giving out invitation cards. Getting married is really a pain. You gotta plan this & that. When you have a husband who doesn't help out, it just makes the whole task even harder. I still think it's worth it when my wedding day comes.

The renovation is finally over & i can finally move all my things back to the reception. Yeah! Once again, freedom is MINE!

Work is still kinda the same. Running up & down everyday. I'll be really surprised if i don't slim down. So many things to remember. I think my brain is packed full of work stuff liao. Still, i tend to forget things.

Like today, 2 workers are supposed to go collect their work permits but i forget to give them their medical report which is required by MOM. Damn! Lousy me! I made them go on a wasted trip.

I feel so bad. So i told my manager to write an authorization letter & i go collect for them tomorrow. I think that's the best i can do for them.

Anyway, i ordered a new specs a few days ago & i went to collect it last night. Oooohhhh... I love my new specs. Make me look like a teacher. Hahaha! I'm going to post up a picture of me wearing the specs. You guys tell me nice anot okay?


Nice anot? Let me know okay? Leave me comments.

p/s: I know. My hair colour is dropping off. Don't remind me again. Sad enough... I'm gonna go kill my hairstylist now.


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