It finally rained after weeks of hot humid stupid weather. Sun burning down on my beautiful skin. I was abt to get a stroke & die of dehydration & was cursing & swearing abt the weather then it started raining.

Woohoo! Call me the lady of rains! Wahahaha... I'm amazed at how lame i can be sometimes. Okay. Not so funny. My brain juice has been drained out due to my wedding. Busy busy busy! I hope my life will be easier after the whole shit is over.

I've got nothing much to blogged abt except that last night i was chased out of my mum's home. Haha! Not like what you think la. Just that my brother FINALLY has got balls to sleep on his own, therefore, he's taking over my room. So i gotta clear out whatever rubbish i still have there.

Bah! Sons! The world is so unfair. Daughters are worthless & sons are precious. Somebody throw me into the rubbish bin please. I'm worthless. I'm as good as a piece of shit! No! WAIT! I forgot. Shit can be used to fertilise plants & veges.

Did i just spoil your appetite? Nvm abt that. After awhile, you'll still continue to eat veges cause veges are GOOD for your health so therefore shits are useful & healthy. Haha! I'm amazed with my intelligence.

Do not come tell me that there's still soil. Soil do not provide as much protein as shit does BECAUSE shit comes from all the protein we take into our body plus it's natural & not artificial. Therefore, i proclaim that my theory is right. I've gone temporary deaf as you blabber on how good soil is compared to shit!

Er... Why am i talking abt this? I was suppose to talk abt my stupid, idiotic, nonsensical didi taking over my room! I CAN'T STAND IT! He look so fucking yaya last night. He's even painting the room a bright shade of ORANGE!!!

The horrors of all horrors. That is such a disgusting colour. Is it suppose to be festive colour for chinese new year? He's also asking his gay friend(kidding) to stay over after he's done with his so called major make over to the room.

I guarantee they can't sleep thru the night without getting their eyes hurt due to the glaring colour. In the morning when they wake up, it'll be even best. They will become half blind. Haha! You know what i'm trying to say la.

Where got romantic like that? Next time if he got gf liao how? He bring his gf home & she sees the colour she'll go like "Eeewwww... So bright! How to make love like that? Is like making love in broad daylight. I DON'T WANT! ROARRRRRRR!!!"

All his gf will leave him 1 by 1 & all he's left with is his gay friend who will always be there for him. Hahaha! This is getting ridiculously lame.

I said before already. I've got nothing much to blog abt except my wedding preparations which i'm too lazy to talk abt already & most probably you people out there are tired of listening to it. It's always do this do that blah blah blah... Never-ending story.

I think i'm getting some kind of pre-marriage phobia. I have no appetite to eat & i feel very dizzy. As the days draw nearer, the more nervous & agitated i got. I got a feeling i might just concuss on the day of my wedding.

Nvm abt that. I'll try to overcome the feeling. Should concentrate more on how to tekan him on that day. My dear jie mei's on that day! Quan kao ni men le! Hahaha!

There's something i wanna complain abt. Why nobody give comments on my new specs? Yeah lar. Although i myself think it's nice but still can give comments right? I wanna know how you feel abt it ma. I feel so hurt. Nobody cares whether i have a new specs or if i got a boob job.

Boohoohoo... Sob sob... Waaahhhhh... WHY? WHY? WHY?

Okay. I'm kidding abt the boob job. I don't need it. Mine is too big already. Wahahaaha... I'm giving all of you a 2nd chance. Tell me if i look good in my specs ok? Don't disappoint me.


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