Phew! It's finally over! My wedding has been a happy 1. Now i got nothing more to worry abt except clearing debts.

I wanna give a big thanks to those who help out at the wedding & those that attended the wedding. You guys make my day. I'm the most happy & xin fu girl ard. Love you guys! Let me present to big kiss to everyone.


I'm too happy for words. I'm also very angry with those who did not turn up & yet did not inform as well. I hope the same thing happens to you on your wedding day as well.

More photos coming up after i'm done with uploading all into the com. Have to work right after my wedding. Sian... My manager mei you ren qing wei.

Alright! Will try to post up the photos asap. Meanwhile, i'll still blog as per normal till i'm done with the uploading.

Once again, thanks for making me the happiest girl ard. =)


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