Some people are still on holiday whereas some people have started work. I'm still on a holiday mood but here i am, sitting in the office doing work. Sickening man...

Actually it's not that bad ba. I stay at home also do nothing de but at least i come work got ang pow from BIG boss & a lunch treat at some restaurant at Tuas from my small boss.

Not bad leh. Got lao yu shen, sharksfin soup, softshell crab, crispy chicken, steam fish, scallop with fa cai, prawns, mian xian & dessert.

Tan dio leh. But i'll be on leave again tomorrow. Hahaha! So many things to do but so little time. Sibei sian.

I just realise that nobody bother to leave comments saying Happy Chinese New Year to me wor. I guess everybody must be busy collecting ang pow & gambling just like me. Nobody will bother abt me. I'm not that popular afterall.

Lots of things to do. Busy busy busy... Gotta go. See ya guys again.


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