You people out there very mean. Nobody except Jackson wish me Happy Valentine's Day. Bah! So be it! Nothing's gonna make me unhappy today cause daddy's coming back today! Woohoo! Happy like fuck!

His time back is pretty short so i must faster get him to play mahjong with me then i can cheat all of his money. Heh heh heh! I must jiayou! Gambatte!

Today, there's a agency coming to our company to do a video shoot of the production floor for some career fair held at Suntec City. I did not expect them to be shooting the recep as well. I became a star. Haha!

It's not easy ok? They only shoot the image but no sound de but we still had to pretend we were talking so the girl who pretended to walk in to look for somebody had to talk nonsense with me because we didn't know what to do.

It was extremely awkward as we don't really know each other. It was pretty hilarious la. Both of us just stood there stare at each other smiling & talk like as though she's really looking for someone.

I couldn't bear with the suspense of smiling like a fool so i just blurted out to the lady saying, "Lunch time le. You hungry anot?" I think she almost burst out laughing & spoil the whole thing. Lucky she did not & held on to her breath.

I think i'll look pretty ugly in the video shoot but still i must say. Go to the career fair at Suntec on the 1st - 4th of March. I this da mei nu will be appearing on the bigass screen of Suntec City. I myself will make an appearance there to check out the video shoot.

Who knows i might get talent scouted. Haha... Just a dream. Don't fucking laugh at me. 1 cannot day dream izzit?

Hee! I'm a star for my company! Must ask them to increase my pay. *snigger*


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