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Yesterday was possibly 1 of the happier days i had this 2 weeks. I found a job at Toyota Borneo Motors as customer service adminstrator at Leng Kee Road.

It's a temp to perm job. Starting off as temp for abt 2 weeks to 1 month & if performance & attitude is good will get convert to perm.

After working for the 1st year will get 2 months bonus. Cool huh? Pretty good opportunity for me as i do own a toyota car as well.

The funny thing is the interview was over the phone as the HR is rather busy with moving office & to save my trip there.

She told my agent that i sounded bubbly & she likes it so i'm starting work on this coming monday. That was fast.

In the end, i had to go all the way down to chinatown to my agent's office to meet her. She's a pretty nice lady. We had a nice long talk.

After the meet up with my agent, i went to People's Park Complex to 1 of the tour agency there to get the itinery of Shanghai & Korea for my mum.

It's been a long time …
Yesterday, deardear send me a message saying that his heart is already dead. When i saw that message, i can feel my heart breaking into many pieces.

I talk to a few dear friends abt this & they really made me feel alot better. Thank you guys if you're reading this.

I've decided to stop feeling upset & not cry anymore because my heart too went dead at that moment. I can no longer feel anything. I've lost all my senses.

I guess that's what happen when a person goes past his/her limits. I think deardear felt the same thing too when i broke his heart time & again.

I feel like the most goddamn useless person around. Im a lousy wife who failed her duty as a wife. I hurt my loved ones again & again. Regretting is too late for me now.

I've decided not to be a happy person again. I shall not cause sufferings to others for my own happiness anymore. I hereby announce that i will not be happy again as long as i continue hurting others.

Today, i went for a walk in the…
It has been a pretty lousy week for me. On wed, Rachel & Jing Jing came over to my place & we made japanese jellies. It was a failure as the jellies fall apart easily but still edible la.

On thurs, i made egg tarts with my mother-in-law as i had no money to buy present for deardear so i decided to do some of his favourite home made egg tarts.

Soon, fri is here it's deardear's birthday together with my brother's birthday as well. Oh! Not to forget, it's Sherry's birthday too. Haha...

Guess what? My sis pass her driving license on that day too. Worth celebrating & therefore my mum treated us to dim sum at Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh.

All was fine all the while until at night, we went to KTV to celebrate deardear's birthday. Jackson came along too. We had a quarrel there again.

It was suppose to be a joyous occasion but he had to show me an unhappy face. I got myself drunk that night. Had a terrible morning the next day. Was vomitting like shit!

I thin…
Recently, i've been so obsessed & preoccupied with my online game to distract myself from all the unhappiness that has been going thru in my life that i totally forgot to blog.

I don't have much readers anyway so i guess that's ok. Yesterday was a pretty much slightly happier day for me.

I met up with Rachel & Jing Jing to go Suntec's food fair together with my mum, Gracie & Khai. In the food fair, of cause there's food la.

Not that all the food are nice la but still ok lor. We still manage to have a very full meal there. Since it's free admission so i suggest people who have nothing better to do go take a look.

Nothing much. Just wanna show everyone what a nice cut i have on my hand. Pretty isn't it?Nothing much to blog abt also so i shall just sign off from here. Take care everybody.
There comes a time when i feel that my husband no longer loves me. Yes. Pretty ironic huh? In just a few short weeks, his love for me starts to falter.

I don't really know what went wrong. I only know i feel pain in my heart. I feel so miserable when he doesn't care abt me. It's like history repeating itself.

Maybe he can't stand my temper but why must he do this to me? This is the 2nd time something like this happens. I have not stop crying since the day he treated me like this.

I tried my best to talk to him nicely to settle whatever problems we have but he just simply cannot be bothered. He kept avoiding my questions. Kept saying he need time to think. I don't know what he has to think abt.

His confinement week is coming. I won't be able to see him for 2 weeks. What is going to happen if he doesn't settle our problem before the end of this week?

I can't stand it! I'm going crazy soon. Why is he torturing me like this? Thoughts of suicide came to my mi…

Happy Birthday Ling Ling!

Happy *insert age* Birthday My Dear Ling Ling

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to my dear ah ling,
Happy Birthday to you!
The birthday girl is the 1 in black. She very cute hor?She will kill me if she see this but it's ok. She stay very far from me. Hahaha...
I finally decided to stop slacking ard & start updating my blog. Sorry for procrastinating for so long. Once i start lazing ard i nvr stop. How pathetic. Below are the photos i kept saying i wanted to upload, so i shall get it over & done with.

Me & my xin gan baobei!My handsome daddy!Me & my beautiful cousin Meiyi!Meiyi's husband & me!Me & Gracie!

My cousin Guo Rong & me!Me & my cousin Hsien Chieh!He say his head look very big not nice so we re-took. Handsome hor? No gf leh? Those interested let me know. Mai siao siao! People is big doctor ok?
Me & my other xin gan bao bei!My God! I just can't stop falling in love with this 2. They are so adorable. Their chi new year clothes more fucking expensive than how much i spend in 1 week ok? Branded!
Lion head! At papa's boss house. Damn big his house! Ang pow also big!Not 1 is handsome. Phui! Where did all the past handsome ah beng go? Become priest izzit?Papa's boss with Cai Shen Ye!M…
Before i forget, remember Sherry? She's not leaving loh. A manager decided to keep her in the company to help him. That's good i guess. I'm happy for her. Instead, i'm the 1 leaving the company.

Shocking, isn't it?

The BIG BALDING BOSS gave me a pretty ridiculous reason. He told my manager that he don't like to see me mixing ard with the production people.


I thought HR are suppose to be in good terms with the workers? So what's wrong with me being nice & friendly to them? Don't i have the right to make friends? To think that he got the cheek to say that everyone is family here.

I think he has a load of bullshit. People with no hair can't think properly. Many people are surprised & shocked with my sudden decision to leave the company. Nobody believes that i'm really leaving the company.

My manager hs been nice to me. She's pretty reluctant to let me go but too bad the final decision is not up to her. I really appreciate her effort to k…