Before i forget, remember Sherry? She's not leaving loh. A manager decided to keep her in the company to help him. That's good i guess. I'm happy for her. Instead, i'm the 1 leaving the company.

Shocking, isn't it?

The BIG BALDING BOSS gave me a pretty ridiculous reason. He told my manager that he don't like to see me mixing ard with the production people.


I thought HR are suppose to be in good terms with the workers? So what's wrong with me being nice & friendly to them? Don't i have the right to make friends? To think that he got the cheek to say that everyone is family here.

I think he has a load of bullshit. People with no hair can't think properly. Many people are surprised & shocked with my sudden decision to leave the company. Nobody believes that i'm really leaving the company.

My manager hs been nice to me. She's pretty reluctant to let me go but too bad the final decision is not up to her. I really appreciate her effort to keep me. Almost everyone in the company is pretty pissed off with him for making up this ridiculous fucked up reason.

Since it's always been a trademark & custom for me to curse every boss that treats me like shit & doesn't appreciate their workers, i hereby curse the BIG BOSS that may he bald till his skin starts peeling off. Muahahahaa...

Lucky for me, Andrew wanted to help him on a part time basis so everything is not that bad huh? I can work with my sister too because i recommended her to be Andrew's PA.

My father's leaving soon so have been quite busy this few days. Had steamboat this afternoon & now i'm at deardear's friend, Ming Cong's house warming. So ya, i'm using his com & i'm leaving soon.

Pardon me for not updating regularly. Will be uploading the photos within this 2 days. In the meantime, do miss me =) & take care everybody!


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