I finally decided to stop slacking ard & start updating my blog. Sorry for procrastinating for so long. Once i start lazing ard i nvr stop. How pathetic. Below are the photos i kept saying i wanted to upload, so i shall get it over & done with.


Me & my xin gan baobei!

My handsome daddy!

Me & my beautiful cousin Meiyi!

Meiyi's husband & me!

Me & Gracie!

My cousin Guo Rong & me!

Me & my cousin Hsien Chieh!

He say his head look very big not nice so we re-took.

Handsome hor? No gf leh? Those interested let me know. Mai siao siao! People is big doctor ok?

Me & my other xin gan bao bei!

My God! I just can't stop falling in love with this 2. They are so adorable. Their chi new year clothes more fucking expensive than how much i spend in 1 week ok? Branded!

Lion head! At papa's boss house. Damn big his house! Ang pow also big!

Not 1 is handsome. Phui! Where did all the past handsome ah beng go? Become priest izzit?

Papa's boss with Cai Shen Ye!

My handsome cousin Ah ho & me!

This guy just cannot take a pic properly. Spoil his own good looks. Also no gf. Interested let me know ar.

My beautiful nails done for my wedding. Cost me a freaking $62. But nice la. Worth it!

I've got a new earring. The top 1. Pierce it while deardear's not ard. Haha!

Mummy doing pedicure for me just for my wedding. The end result sucks! But super nan de for her to do something like that for me. Getting married rules! Heh heh heh!

Random pic: Nothing much. Just wanna hao lian what a big ass tv my father bought. But not for me lor. Phui! I must hui niang jia then can watch. Kanasai! I got money i buy those hang at the wall de ar!!!

Daddy says i look like a doll. Kakaka...

Beautiful me!

I'm so tired! But i look pretty cute hor? Who dare say no?

I start thinking i really look like a doll.

My make up artist & me! She's damn good!

My brother, me & my sis the bridesmaid of the day!

Me & Wilson!
Ban lang, Xin Lang, Xin niang & ban niang!
A new haircut the next day right after the wedding. Look so gong!

Me & daddy at the airport!
3 musketeers! Those 2 at the side really like to act sia. Machaim they bodyguard like that.
Very blur but that's daddy in the boarding area.

Bye bye my dearies! See ya all on May!

Sob sob.. There goes daddy back to Indonesia. Really gonna miss him. Bahhhh!!! I wish he would just stay in Singapore.

Alright! Blogger had to hang twice while i was uploading all the photos. I did not had time to save. What the FUCK is going on man? I guess that's my retribution for procrastinating too long. It's early in the morning & i'm sick but i made my promise in posting the photos & so i did.

You people better appreciate all the photos. I went thru alot of trouble just to upload it. That's why i say uploading photos is a hassle. From now on, i will not upload photos unneccessarily.

I do write pretty funny entries you know? Can appreciate what i write anot? Kao!


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