It has been a pretty lousy week for me. On wed, Rachel & Jing Jing came over to my place & we made japanese jellies. It was a failure as the jellies fall apart easily but still edible la.

On thurs, i made egg tarts with my mother-in-law as i had no money to buy present for deardear so i decided to do some of his favourite home made egg tarts.

Soon, fri is here it's deardear's birthday together with my brother's birthday as well. Oh! Not to forget, it's Sherry's birthday too. Haha...

Guess what? My sis pass her driving license on that day too. Worth celebrating & therefore my mum treated us to dim sum at Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh.

All was fine all the while until at night, we went to KTV to celebrate deardear's birthday. Jackson came along too. We had a quarrel there again.

It was suppose to be a joyous occasion but he had to show me an unhappy face. I got myself drunk that night. Had a terrible morning the next day. Was vomitting like shit!

I think i hurt my stomach in the process of vomitting. Deardear was totally unconcerned about me which made me feel even worse.

He even wanted to catch a movie despite i was feeling unwell & blamed me when i couldn't get up in time for the movie. I couldn't stop crying. Thoughts of suicide came to my mind again.

That night, he went out with Wilson & Meng Meng. I fell sick with fever & headache due to excess vomitting. I called & told him but all he was concerned abt is having a good time with them.

I already tried my best to be nice & not to hurt him again but he does not seem moved by it. I told him how i felt & he said to talk to me after his confinement week. I hope we can really talk things out. I do not want to drag it any further.

All alone at home now. My mum & the whole family went to catch a horror movie without me. Feeling pretty depressed. I still have to help my mum make egg tarts tonight as it's her last day at work tomorrow.

Today, deardear talk a little nicer to me. I don't know to feel happy or what. Still depressed. I think i better go play some game.

Thanks to those who are so concerned abt me. I'll be fine. Do not worry. I'll keep things updated. Hope there'll be good news soon.


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