Recently, i've been so obsessed & preoccupied with my online game to distract myself from all the unhappiness that has been going thru in my life that i totally forgot to blog.

I don't have much readers anyway so i guess that's ok. Yesterday was a pretty much slightly happier day for me.

I met up with Rachel & Jing Jing to go Suntec's food fair together with my mum, Gracie & Khai. In the food fair, of cause there's food la.

Not that all the food are nice la but still ok lor. We still manage to have a very full meal there. Since it's free admission so i suggest people who have nothing better to do go take a look.

Nothing much. Just wanna show everyone what a nice cut i have on my hand. Pretty isn't it?

Nothing much to blog abt also so i shall just sign off from here. Take care everybody.


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