Yesterday was possibly 1 of the happier days i had this 2 weeks. I found a job at Toyota Borneo Motors as customer service adminstrator at Leng Kee Road.

It's a temp to perm job. Starting off as temp for abt 2 weeks to 1 month & if performance & attitude is good will get convert to perm.

After working for the 1st year will get 2 months bonus. Cool huh? Pretty good opportunity for me as i do own a toyota car as well.

The funny thing is the interview was over the phone as the HR is rather busy with moving office & to save my trip there.

She told my agent that i sounded bubbly & she likes it so i'm starting work on this coming monday. That was fast.

In the end, i had to go all the way down to chinatown to my agent's office to meet her. She's a pretty nice lady. We had a nice long talk.

After the meet up with my agent, i went to People's Park Complex to 1 of the tour agency there to get the itinery of Shanghai & Korea for my mum.

It's been a long time since i walk alone on the streets like this. It was pretty relaxing. I saw a mahjong shop at the complex & was tempted to buy 1 set of mahjong back cause it looks so nice.

Black colour mahjong instead of white & it's those backpack version which you can bring everywhere you go. No more feeling bored when you go overseas & have nothing to do.

They even have the mini table for the mahjongs ok? So cute, so nice & so tempting but it cost 35 bucks just for the mahjong leh. Table don't know how much yet.

But i've got a feeling that i won't bear to open it up & play with it. Still, if i'm rich enough i may get 2 sets. 1 for display purposes.

I think i'm going crazy soon enough to start the hobby of collecting mahjongs. Hahaha! I can be so lame at times i amaze myself.

I'm pretty broke at the moment so i resist the temptation. The owner of the shop kept asking me which 1 i want. So embarassing to say no lor.

I made a promise to myself that once i start work & get my 1st pay cheque, i'll rush there immediately to bring my baby home.

Or is there any kind hearted person out there who wants to buy it for me? Please fulfil a lonely girl's wish before she really die. Can?


If really got a kind samaritan wanna buy for me do email me or leave me a comment ok? We can meet up & i'll bring you to the place to buy.

Don't ask me why i didn't take a photo of it cause the i scared the auntie which is the owner of the shop will scold me. Scared i duplicate another set then she no business liao.


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