I wanted to blog on sunday but it was 1st of April & i don't want people to think that whatever i'm saying is an April Fool Joke.

I wanted to blog yesterday but i was feeling too tired cause i was so worried abt my new job the next day that i couldn't sleep well.

The 1st day of work was pretty fine except that i vomited in the morning due to too much nervousness i had in me. Gah! I'm so lousy.

2nd day of work was pretty much the same. Doing fine. Learning new things. Trying to cope with all my new knowledge. Colleagues were all pretty nice to me.

Had a talk with deardear on saturday in front of Rachel & Wilson. Don't know what is going on in his mind. Having them there wasn't that bad actually.

They did help calm my nerves though i still feel that it is purely between me & deardear. Still, they are my witness to what have been said that night.

Things are still the same i guess. Not talking much to one another. He is still treating me coldly though he doesn't lose his temper at me anymore.

Maybe that's because i did not do anything to irritate him. I don't know & i don't really wanna care. I have a job to do & i really wanna change myself for the better.

Of cause i have no wish to lose my husband but what i can do now is to change & maybe someday he will come back to me again.

I really hope that will happen. I love him too much to let him go. Please pray for me. I promise not to commit the same mistake again.

Recently, he has been acting very weird. He messages in secret, talks on the phone in secret like he walks to a side to talk when there's a phonecall.

I don't wanna think so much. I still believe that my husband will not do anything to betray me. Now i can only pray for things to turn for the better slowly.

To ling ling who signed my guestbook asking me to take down her photo. Here's my reply to you.


Hahaha... Bleah! Come come. I wait at Bukit Batok for you. Come kill me. I wait. Kakaka!


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