I went to cut my hair on mon. It's damn short now. I cut my hair when ever i'm unhappy so i better start cheering up now.

Any shorter, i'll be going bald soon. Actually it's not such a bad idea. I was really tempted to shave myself since the weather is so hot now.

There's a chinese saying that tou fa shi san qian fan nao si (hairs are the roots of all troubles). So getting them off my head sounds pretty good.

I was just joking. I don't want to be the centre of attraction wherever i go. People stare at me not because i'm pretty but because i look funny & weird.

I bought fruit tarts & send it to deardear's camp that day as well. He did not say thanks but just said that he will eat it. I guess that's good enough. He has a pride afterall.

Today, i sent him his favourite double cheese burger. He did not say anything but i can sense through the messages that he send me. He is talking abit nicer to me already.

I'm really happy that though he did not say it out but he actually appreciates what i've done for him.

Mayb i'm just lying to myself but i don't care. It's better than feeling sad & miserable. As long as i feel there is still some hope left i will not give up.

I tell myself everyday that i must be a better person & i must not give up. I must carry on working hard to get this marriage back on the track no matter how long it takes.

Sheila Chan! Gambatte!


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