Yesterday was Friday The 13th. My favourite day. To others, it's an unlucky day but for it's my lucky day & 13 is my favourite number.

It was also the start of my new life without a husband. I did not contact him at all for the whole day. I hope he feels peaceful enough.

Today is our 2 yrs 2 mths anniversary but i have not receive a single message from him. I tried calling him but he did not answer.

I don't know why he had to deliberately avoid me.

Anyway, today i just wanna blog abt a song. I heard this song when i was 18. I think it's a very nice song & it has my name in it!

I have been searching for the song for the past few years but no successful attempts because i didn't know the name of the song & the singer.

I decided to try my luck at youtube & surprise! They really have that song. All i did was just type my name in the search engine.

Mayb all of you should try typing your name & who knows your name may be used as a song just like mine. It's totally cool.

I would still prefer to have that song in a mp3 format & not video like this so i can load into my hp & use it as a ringtone.

Have no idea how to do that though. I've been searching for that song but just can't find it. I really really want it.

Anybody knows where to find it?

Please email me if you have that song or know where to find it ok? Would appreciate it very much.

Enjoy the song.


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