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Life is unpredictable. Life is full of ups & downs. Sometimes life sucks so badly you wanna put an end to it but you can't. Life goes on no matter what happens.

I have no idea why i'm saying all this but i just had this feeling. An urge to spit it out. I feel like crying. I am crying. I wanna stop feeling hurt & stop crying.

I never used to be like this. I'm always a cheerful person with no worries. A person full of laughter & bringing joy to people's life.

As i grew older, things become more complicated. You think of things that you never once think of it. I hate growing up if all of this is part & parcel of adult life.

Why is everyone around me facing so much stress & problems? Why can't everyone just take things easy? Why make your problem another person's problem?

I hate my life. I hate the environment i'm living in. I hate the environment i grew up in. I hate all the problems in my life. I want them to all go away!

Leave me alone!!! Arghh…
It's has been a really tedious week for me last week. I almost collapse. Was feeling pretty sick throughout the whole week & it became worse on sat which is my last day of duty.

It has been a really lousy week. 1st the vomit followed by the rain & then i sprained my leg. This sucks man. But something made me really happy.

My manager called me into his office & told me that they are quite satisfied with my performance & he will talk to the HR abt my conversion to perm.

I was so happy & i just waited quietly for the letter to come but bad news came in today. Apparently, there was an internal transfer & they decided to ask me go.

They say that they always give internal transfer priority which is like so damn fucking unfair to me. It's not like i'm a contract staff of what.

Though i'm still just a temp staff but they can't do this to me. Giving me just 2 days notice & ask me fuck off. I did not say i do not want to work anymore.

It's not like …
There are tons of things i want to blog abt but i'm just simply too tired & lazy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Mayb i'll just cut it short.

I had a pretty wonderful weekend eversince after my wedding. I went for steamboat with Ginny, Rachel & Jing Jing at Bugis.

After that, we went past this Tong Shui Cafe & decided to go in for some desserts. It taste pretty good & value for money. All the prices there end with $0.88 de. So cute. The boss must be earning big bucks. Look!
It's us!
After that, Ginny, Wilson & i went to the airport to fetch Jia Ming. Yeah! He's back again. Back to pollute the air with his smelly armpits. Hahaha...

Sat, i went out with deardear to Bukit Panjang Plaza & we came back with lots of vcds. We had dinner & went to meet Ginny, Wilson & Jia Ming.

We went to West Coast Mac to have a drink & chill & after that, we spend the next 4 hours at NUH cause deardear had a fishbone stuck in his throat & it's hurting him.

Sun, i …
Daddy has once again left us & gone back to work. Time flies by real fast. Before you know it, the fun has ended & we have to say goodbye again.

I miss my daddy. I don't want him to work there. We barely get to spend enough time with him whenever he's back.

Everytime he leaves us, i'll be wondering when we'll get to see him again. So afraid that i'll nvr see him again.

I know it's not right to think like this but i remember daddy once told me that life is short. Be happy while we can cause we nvr know when will the day come as we go to sleep, we might nvr wake again.

How true...

My whole family & deardear nearly lost me when the bike came knocking into me last year. Till this day, some people still don't know how to treasure me.

I thought that incident was probably the most serious enough thing to take my life away unless some car comes knocking into me again.

Choy! Choy! Choy!

Hahaha! I remember once reading a friend's blog. He was saying if this t…
I realised i had a bunch of loving & concerned colleagues. Some have seen me crying in the office & roughly guessed what happened to me. Some were just really nice.

I have colleagues messaging me after that day when they saw me cry & ask if i'm fine. I was really shocked & pleased at the same time.

Another colleague bought me nasi lemak from malaysia cause he knows that i like it. My my... What a pleasant surprise!

Another 1 called me after work 1 day & ask why i nvr wait for him. Haha... I nvr knew colleagues could be so nice after all the nasty experience i ever had with stupid idiotic colleagues.

I hereby announce i have a god-father named John who look extremely like an uncle of mine. He may have a rather bad temper but he is really nice.

He can be very concerned at times. An example would be that there was 1 night we went out with a bunch of colleagues & we were suppose to go drinking.

He knew what happened to me but he had to go home acc his wife. Before he…
Hey! It's been a long since i sat down in front of my com writing my blog. Life still sucks as much as before. Everything is still the same.

I'm pretty sick & tired of my life. I don't know why i have to go thru all this shitty phase of life. Can somebody tell me why life sucks so much?

I don't even know why i'm still living in this world. I wish i was nvr born at all. I don't wanna come to this world & suffer. I'm not Jesus Christ.

I'm no saint & i'm definitely not perfect. Nobody is perfect in this world. Everybody makes mistakes. At least i'm not a rapist or murderer.

Why can't we just take things easy? Live & let live. Why force me into the corner where i can't run or escape? I've already apologise so what more?

Families don't bear grudges. There's no overnight hatred. Why make things so complicated? Just forgive & get on with life. Must i die in order to repay what i've done wrong?

Remember that someday…