Daddy has once again left us & gone back to work. Time flies by real fast. Before you know it, the fun has ended & we have to say goodbye again.

I miss my daddy. I don't want him to work there. We barely get to spend enough time with him whenever he's back.

Everytime he leaves us, i'll be wondering when we'll get to see him again. So afraid that i'll nvr see him again.

I know it's not right to think like this but i remember daddy once told me that life is short. Be happy while we can cause we nvr know when will the day come as we go to sleep, we might nvr wake again.

How true...

My whole family & deardear nearly lost me when the bike came knocking into me last year. Till this day, some people still don't know how to treasure me.

I thought that incident was probably the most serious enough thing to take my life away unless some car comes knocking into me again.

Choy! Choy! Choy!

Hahaha! I remember once reading a friend's blog. He was saying if this things really work like saying choy & touch wood.

He say if it's true, how abt try holding on to a piece of wood, blindfold yourself & start crossing a busy road saying choy choy choy!

Hehehe... That was really hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing till my stomach start to cramp & lots of tears rolling down my face.

Ok. Enough of that. Now i want to complain liao. Here comes...

What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?

I really really really hate taking public transport. Especially mrt! Cause i think that people who take mrt are siao! I'm not cause if i have a choice i rather not take it.

Late then late la. Why must push here & there? Fucking hell! Stomp on people's foot some more. Bunch of idiotic bitches & bastards!

Because of this type people trying to squeeze into a tiny hole go push people & step on people's feet, i missed 2 trains. 1 at Bukit Batok & 1 at Jurong East thus dragging my precious time.

I'm going to start wearing safety boots & stomp on whoever is trying to stomp on my petite feet again.

I swear! I swear i'll nvr ever take public transport like bus & mrt(taxis not counted) again if i have the ability.

I hope those people who stomp on my feet & push me have their feet grow blisters & start rotting. When they cannot walk properly anymore, they will all lost balance & fall into the mrt tracks & get crushed by the next oncoming train.

Ooohhh... Bloody! I like! Muahahahaha!!!


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