I realised i had a bunch of loving & concerned colleagues. Some have seen me crying in the office & roughly guessed what happened to me. Some were just really nice.

I have colleagues messaging me after that day when they saw me cry & ask if i'm fine. I was really shocked & pleased at the same time.

Another colleague bought me nasi lemak from malaysia cause he knows that i like it. My my... What a pleasant surprise!

Another 1 called me after work 1 day & ask why i nvr wait for him. Haha... I nvr knew colleagues could be so nice after all the nasty experience i ever had with stupid idiotic colleagues.

I hereby announce i have a god-father named John who look extremely like an uncle of mine. He may have a rather bad temper but he is really nice.

He can be very concerned at times. An example would be that there was 1 night we went out with a bunch of colleagues & we were suppose to go drinking.

He knew what happened to me but he had to go home acc his wife. Before he left, he told me not to drink too much since i was feeling sad. If not, later go home will quarrel again.

He even told my colleagues to look after me & control my drinking. Isn't he sweet? What a nice god-father i have. Anyway, we did not go drinking in the end. Everybody was too tired.

There was 1 time i came back from lunch & saw him smoking so i joined him. He started asking how's things between me & deardear. I thought he had forgotten abt it so was pretty shocked when he ask.

I roughly told him what happened & at that point of time, my handphone went kinda haywire & i told him. He tried to help me fix it. Haha!

Ok la. That's all i wanna say. I have a bunch of cool colleagues except for 1 irritating guy & i'm happy working with them though we do have some misunderstandings during the course of work but we do not bear grudges against each other.

I'm very happy working at Borneo Motors & i hope to continue working there as long as possible.


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