It's has been a really tedious week for me last week. I almost collapse. Was feeling pretty sick throughout the whole week & it became worse on sat which is my last day of duty.

It has been a really lousy week. 1st the vomit followed by the rain & then i sprained my leg. This sucks man. But something made me really happy.

My manager called me into his office & told me that they are quite satisfied with my performance & he will talk to the HR abt my conversion to perm.

I was so happy & i just waited quietly for the letter to come but bad news came in today. Apparently, there was an internal transfer & they decided to ask me go.

They say that they always give internal transfer priority which is like so damn fucking unfair to me. It's not like i'm a contract staff of what.

Though i'm still just a temp staff but they can't do this to me. Giving me just 2 days notice & ask me fuck off. I did not say i do not want to work anymore.

It's not like the position is vacant or something. I'm still there happily waiting & they just ask me to *snap* go like that.

They are not even giving me some kind of compensation or whatsoever. If they made arrangements for me to transfer to other dept still not so bad but they just kick me away.

I have nvr been happier working in a place. I'm in good terms with my colleagues & i get along really well with everybody.

Despite getting fucked by customers all day long but i'm still happy. I was mentally prepared to stay there long term & now they tell me this.

I was really hurt badly. For the 1st time, i'm so ready to give my all to company, made the effort to do everything right but they just dashed my hopes like this.

This has been the most ridiculous reason i've heard that i'm asked to leave. I'm so sad & pissed off at the same time.

I couldn't control my tears & i started crying. All the service advisors were like totally concerned abt me. They tried consoling me & say nice things to me.

All that made me want to cry even more. I'm not willing to leave. I was forced to leave against my own wish. It's not like i've done anything wrong.

Don't you guys think it's really unfair for me? Still, i harbour hopes of returning back to work again if i ever have that chance.

I have nvr been so sure of what i want before. I have nvr insist so much on something i want & now i want this job badly.

I pray & i hope that 1 day, i'll be given the chance to go back again.


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