There are tons of things i want to blog abt but i'm just simply too tired & lazy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Mayb i'll just cut it short.

I had a pretty wonderful weekend eversince after my wedding. I went for steamboat with Ginny, Rachel & Jing Jing at Bugis.

After that, we went past this Tong Shui Cafe & decided to go in for some desserts. It taste pretty good & value for money. All the prices there end with $0.88 de. So cute. The boss must be earning big bucks.

It's us!

After that, Ginny, Wilson & i went to the airport to fetch Jia Ming. Yeah! He's back again. Back to pollute the air with his smelly armpits. Hahaha...

Sat, i went out with deardear to Bukit Panjang Plaza & we came back with lots of vcds. We had dinner & went to meet Ginny, Wilson & Jia Ming.

We went to West Coast Mac to have a drink & chill & after that, we spend the next 4 hours at NUH cause deardear had a fishbone stuck in his throat & it's hurting him.

Sun, i spent the whole day watching vcds with deardear at home. Just the 2 of us. We ordered pizza for dinner. Sweet huh?

I might nvr get another day like this in my life. My most memorable sunday eversince i got married. It makes me feel like crying.

Mon, i went to meet deardear at Jurong Point after work. We went to have dinner & i accompanied him to buy some necessay stuffs for his coming outfield at Tekong.

I'm gonna miss my deardear so much.

Today was not my day. 1st, an indian boy vomitted on the train SAME cabin as me. It was too crowded so i couldn't move to the next cabin. Had to endure with the smell all the way from Jurong to Queenstown! Arghhhh!!! *puke!*

After that, on my way walking to the office, halfway thru, it started to rain heavily. I was in the middle of nowhere. Can only run forward. Almost slip & sprain my leg. Damn the heels! Damn the rain! Damn fucking sway!

Hmmmm... I wanted to cut it short but still end up writing so much. See? I told you. I have tons of things to blog.

Time to sleep. Good nite everyone!


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