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Really hate working at Jurong Island cause i really hate rushing for the stupid transport which comes so early. Lim bu already not enough sleep liao still must wake up so early to rush for the transport which won't wait.

I also hate 1 of the site manager. She damn kaypo. Always say she's not my supervisor & thus cannot watch over what i do but she's always the 1 having something to say & thus making the most noise. He initials are KBL. I nicknamed her Kao Bei Lan. Hehehe.

Although i may dislike working here but i did learn alot of new things. I've seen a few nationalities passport & i find Myanmar's passport the cutest. It seems that there is a rule that says all guys must dress smartly with ties when taking photos for the passport.

They look so smart you would think they are salesman or something but no. They are here as electricians. I wonder what the girls there look like & how they dress for their photos in the passport. Do you wonder too?

The funni…
I am so damn pissed off yesterday. I went down for dinner with my mother-in-law & deardear. There were 2 guys sitting next to us which is a non-smoking area & started smoking.

I don't know what went into deardear but he got up & went to told the guy that he is not allowed to smoke there. Not as if there is no place in the smoking area.

The guy not only don't apologise yet he stare at deardear & started scolding him in vulgar languages. WTF? How can scold my deardear like that? So damn fucking angry can?

After that, 1 of the guy went to the toilet & when he came back, he purposely push the chair & it hit me. I have a good mind to smash him with the chair & pour my claypot noodles(still boiling hot) onto his bloody head. FUCK HIM!!

Don't understand why got barbarians like that. So ugly & so crude. Want scold people also must see whose territory he is standing in. I have been a resident here for more than 10 years. Call police come then we see who …
This post to dedicated to my father & all other fathers out there.
Happy Father's Day!!!
Papa, we mayb naughty at times. We may not always listen to you. Though you spoil us & thus turning me into a spoilt brat but it's ok. It mayb your responsibility to teach BUT it's also our responsibility to learn. Nothing will be too late as long we still willing to learn. Thanks for not giving up on us no matter what happens. I'm sincerely grateful to you for what i have become today. Without you, we will not be here at all. We will always miss you & we will always love you. Stay happy always.
Your Beloved Daughter Sheila
I think i gotta stop writing sad things. This is becoming a very gloomy blog. Somehow, my readership went up during this period of time.

You guys are sadistic or what? Like to read sad things & build your happiness on other people's misery? Just kidding so don't get offended. It's lame but it beats feeling sad all the time right?

I know some of you guys are really concerned about me la. I'm very happy. Thanks alot! I'm a lucky girl. I have a huge bunch of good friends who really care.

Life is not that bad huh?

Have you guys ever try throwing all your worries & troubles 1 side for a moment, sit in a corner & watch the sunrise? It's fantastic i tell you.

As the train goes by in front of you, it's actually not that noisy. It's kinda like a beautiful scene. The orangy light with the surroundings of trees, clouds & blue blue sky with birds flying across it. It's just like a painting.

You know i start to sound like as though i'm dying soon. …
I wanna say thanks to you guys out there who showed concern to me regarding my marriage. I'm sorry if i didn't reply some of you guys sms. I just wanted to be alone.

In times like this, it is the support that you people give that keeps me going stronger everyday. I don't know what i will do without all the support.

I've decided not to give up. I will carry on. I believe thru my own efforts i can 1 day touch his heart & make him come back to my side.

It has been a painful lesson learnt & i will not commit the same mistakes again. I hope you guys out there who read my blog learn something from it too.

Do not take the person beside you for granted. You nvr know when he/she will just disappear 1 day & nvr come back. Treasure whatever you have.

All humans make mistakes. The most important thing is that we admit our mistakes & learn from it. It is nvr too late to turn back.

In life, we are learning new things everyday & we will continue learning till the day w…
Last sat is the worst day in my life. I have nvr ever expect that he will 1 day tell me in my face that he doesn't love me anymore.

He said it was a mistake to marry me & now he wants to divorce me. It has been 3 days. I still cannot believe what he said is true.

I can still feel the pain in my heart so it's not just a bad dream. Everything is real. It's happening in my life. That was the last thing i expected to hear from him.

I don't know what to do. I don't know how to react. I only know i love him too much to let go. I thought it was the same for him. I nvr expect him to let go of me so easily.

I wish everything is just a bad dream but the pain lingers in my heart & it's not going away. I wish i can go back to the past to the deardear who will nvr say this things to me.

He told me on our wedding day that he is going to bring me away from all the troubles & give me happiness but now it's not coming true.

He told me that no matter what happens, we w…