I am so damn pissed off yesterday. I went down for dinner with my mother-in-law & deardear. There were 2 guys sitting next to us which is a non-smoking area & started smoking.

I don't know what went into deardear but he got up & went to told the guy that he is not allowed to smoke there. Not as if there is no place in the smoking area.

The guy not only don't apologise yet he stare at deardear & started scolding him in vulgar languages. WTF? How can scold my deardear like that? So damn fucking angry can?

After that, 1 of the guy went to the toilet & when he came back, he purposely push the chair & it hit me. I have a good mind to smash him with the chair & pour my claypot noodles(still boiling hot) onto his bloody head. FUCK HIM!!

Don't understand why got barbarians like that. So ugly & so crude. Want scold people also must see whose territory he is standing in. I have been a resident here for more than 10 years. Call police come then we see who is right or wrong la.

If he is smart enough to use internet & happen to come across my blog, it's you asshole i'm talking abt. Not happy come whack me la. Bastard! Fucking son-of-a-bitch!

Recently, i'm very unhappy because it's very simple. Unhappy things are happening around me. I hate guys who are irresponsible especially my own friends.

Recently again, i have a friend & i call him boon. No. I don't think i call him a friend now. He's not my friend anymore. He is a bastard.

This bloody bastard made a 18 yr old girl pregnant & the girl now happens to be my friend/sis. He not only don't take care of her but still go fooling around.

When the girl decides to go for abortion & ask him for money, he says that he is not sure if the baby is his. Chee bye right?

Not only is he a fucking son-of-a-bitch, he is also a stingy bastard. Only want play around but don't want take responsibility. To think i still friends with him for so long.


What do some of you guys take us girls for? Can like that simply play play then clean your smelly ass & fuck off?

Dare to play but don't dare to take up the responsibility? Not the ways of a MAN at all. Dare to play then dare to be responsible la.


I look down on guys like this. All bo lan jiao bo lan pa. Better off dead la. Throw all the other mens face & dignity away. Most guys would love to kill them.

Even most the ah bengs are better than them. Play liao got prob, they face it like a man & take up the responsibility because they got balls.

I nvr expected boon to be serious in relationship after knowing him for near to ten years. His gf is forever changing & he always have more than 2 gfs at once.

But i nvr expected him to be so irresponsible & say those kind of nasty things. What a insult! I wanna cut off his balls & penis. He not a man & thus not allowed to have balls & penis.

What is so good abt him? He's not good looking, he's fat, barbaric & owns a head bigger than normal humans but he got brains like pea size or even smaller.

From what i know is that girls fall for him because he is a sweet talker which i think is total bullshit. All i ever heard from him is blowing the big trumpet(dua pao sian).

Those girls must be either really blind or extremely stupid. He used to go after me in the past like ten years ago when i got to know him. He tried sweet talking but i only found it disgusting.

I felt pretty lucky that i did not accepted him cause i don't like fat, ugly & younger than me guys. I hate sweet talking cause i find them not very sincere & extremely fake like they just wanna go to the bed with me.

I only like sweet nothings from the guy i love & i only go for serious, sincere & humourous guys. I'm pretty glad that my friend/sis left him for good cause she can definitely find somebody than him.

It's just a pity that she's got his germs in her but it's ok. You will meet the right guy that truly love you. Mei, don't feel too sad ok?

Too bad i don't have his photo. Arbo i will post it up so that every girl who come across my blog can beware of him. I can only say that his trademark is that big head of his. Very easy to recognise. Afterall, how many ugly bigheads we have in Singapore?

What do you guys have to say abt this? Leave comments on how you would teach this guy a painful lesson.


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