I think i gotta stop writing sad things. This is becoming a very gloomy blog. Somehow, my readership went up during this period of time.

You guys are sadistic or what? Like to read sad things & build your happiness on other people's misery? Just kidding so don't get offended. It's lame but it beats feeling sad all the time right?

I know some of you guys are really concerned about me la. I'm very happy. Thanks alot! I'm a lucky girl. I have a huge bunch of good friends who really care.

Life is not that bad huh?

Have you guys ever try throwing all your worries & troubles 1 side for a moment, sit in a corner & watch the sunrise? It's fantastic i tell you.

As the train goes by in front of you, it's actually not that noisy. It's kinda like a beautiful scene. The orangy light with the surroundings of trees, clouds & blue blue sky with birds flying across it. It's just like a painting.

You know i start to sound like as though i'm dying soon. Of cause i'm not dying soon. I have a goal yet to accomplish. Before that, i will not allow myself to fall.

You guys get the picture la hor? I did not really sit in a corner & watch that happen la. Just that on my way to work sitting quietly in the transport, i happen to see that scene.

Life is beautiful.

Everybody has got their own problems be it big or small. We may have problems at work, problems at home, problems at relationships, problems with money etc etc etc... It's a nvr-ending cycle in life.

What i meant to say is that there are no problems that cannot be solved. It's just a matter of perspective & how you handle the situation.

When there's a will, there's a way.

I nvr used to believe in all this saying but things happen & change my mindset abt it. I start to believe & through my own actions, i see things happen right before my eyes.

Think before you act.

I think there must be a reason why there are all this sort of sayings. Alot of things went through my mind everytime i sit in a corner not thinking of anything.

There comes a time when we must all learn to grow up. I stop crying like a small kid & throwing tantrums all the time. My temper cool down alot. I'm like a volcano that is going to sleep.

There are definitely times that i wake up but mayb just a mild eruption rather than the huge 1 i used to have killing everyone around me.

I start to do more thinking than talking. I always think before i start shouting. By the time i finish thinking i would have cooled down.

Backtrack abit. Like i said, no problems cannot be solved unless you don't want it solved. Try cooling down & clear your mind before you start thinking.

When you do things with a clearer mind, you can see a bigger picture of it & realise that things are not as difficult as you thought it is.

Try doing some puzzle games like sudoku the next time you are feeling fustrated. You'll realise that you are unable to solve it because your mind is in a mess.

Try to calm down, you start seeing the bigger picture & voila! You manage to solve the puzzle & by then, you would have cooled down alot.

I feel very old all of a sudden. Well... Don't worry my dear friends. I'm still the old lala who is always full of fun, lame jokes & crazy most of the time.

Just that i can think better when it comes to serious matters which there will nvr be when i'm having fun with my friends yeah?

Now i wanna complain. Let out some fustrations.

It's such a pain working at Jurong Island. No difference from going to JB except it's slightly faster. Rush for transport, reach checkpoint. get down, scan pass & rush for transport again.

I'm like trapped in a jail. Nowhere to go during lunchtime. Going out & coming back is a hassle & i can nvr be back in time.

Food sucks big time! I think even army & jail serve better food than the stupid canteen here. Only have mixed rice. Vegetables too oily, chicken too salty & drinks limited.

You guessed correctly! NO NESCAFE!!! How can? Lim bu going to die in there soon. See the food also no appetite. Want vomit instead.

Think i better start bringing cup noodles & ta pau my own food there. Thought of bringing cans & cans of coffee there but pantry too far from office. Scared people take plus too heavy.

I'm gotta stay there for a month cause of the stupid contract i sign. After that, i'll leave that deserted polluted air place for good.

Ok. I'm done complaining. Want to go orh orh le. Wow! Look at that. What a long entry i've wrote. This should make up for the lack of updates.


  1. Hurray, this is what I'm waiting to hear from you. Look on the bright side and be positive in your thinking and action.I'm quite relief now.CHEERS


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