I wanna say thanks to you guys out there who showed concern to me regarding my marriage. I'm sorry if i didn't reply some of you guys sms. I just wanted to be alone.

In times like this, it is the support that you people give that keeps me going stronger everyday. I don't know what i will do without all the support.

I've decided not to give up. I will carry on. I believe thru my own efforts i can 1 day touch his heart & make him come back to my side.

It has been a painful lesson learnt & i will not commit the same mistakes again. I hope you guys out there who read my blog learn something from it too.

Do not take the person beside you for granted. You nvr know when he/she will just disappear 1 day & nvr come back. Treasure whatever you have.

All humans make mistakes. The most important thing is that we admit our mistakes & learn from it. It is nvr too late to turn back.

In life, we are learning new things everyday & we will continue learning till the day we die. Different people learn things at different pace so be understanding.

Every once in awhile, i'll share in here what i've learnt in my life & what can be done to maintain a happy marriage/relationship.

It can be used as a reminder for myself. My life is just beginning & i have to carry on. Hope you guys can continue to support me. It really means alot to me.

If you have anything to share regarding relationships or basically anything to do in our daily lives, do share! So everyone can learn something out of it.

I would love to learn more. It's not just abt boy girl relationships but also people to people relationships. You do not take your friends for granted too.

Please write whatever you have to share in the comments so everybody can go read it.


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