Really hate working at Jurong Island cause i really hate rushing for the stupid transport which comes so early. Lim bu already not enough sleep liao still must wake up so early to rush for the transport which won't wait.

I also hate 1 of the site manager. She damn kaypo. Always say she's not my supervisor & thus cannot watch over what i do but she's always the 1 having something to say & thus making the most noise. He initials are KBL. I nicknamed her Kao Bei Lan. Hehehe.

Although i may dislike working here but i did learn alot of new things. I've seen a few nationalities passport & i find Myanmar's passport the cutest. It seems that there is a rule that says all guys must dress smartly with ties when taking photos for the passport.

They look so smart you would think they are salesman or something but no. They are here as electricians. I wonder what the girls there look like & how they dress for their photos in the passport. Do you wonder too?

The funniest thing is that they have this particular column named as distinguished marks. Under that column there are things like mole on left temper, scar on nose, mole on chest, etc etc. blah blah.. You get the drift.

It makes me wonder why Singapore don't have this kind of thing just in case something happen to us overseas & they can use this to recognise us. Cool right? If only i'm the officer who writes all this then fatso kor's will be written as man with breast.


For mine, i'll write a hole in the arse. What will yours be? Tell me ok? Not funny don't say. I only allow humourous things on my blog. Think of a few & let me know leh.

Though their passports might be cute but i totally hate their name cause i can nvr ever pronounce it. How the hell do you pronounce kyaw or phyo or naing or hlaing or even htike? WTF? There are so many others. I gave up eventually. Lucky there's always employee number which i can use.

Indian names are so much better. AT least, they are in so called proper english. There was one Bangladeshi name i came across which i found it difficult to pronounce without causing embarassment to myself. The name is Fakir.

So the 1st thing that came to my mind is ......... ya, you know what la. Don't tell me you nvr thought of it. I don't understand why people got such weird name. Fakir. Funny name. Imagine if everyone have the same thinking as me.

Wahahaha... So funny hor? I can't imagine it. Everybody calling you fakir with the pronounciation as fucker. Their conversation with everybody would be funny but of cause his name not really pronounce that way la.

Daddy is coming home today for a short 4 days to renew his work permit & i happen to have tickets to this coming saturday's NDP rehearsal. At least i still get to see NDP live & get goodie bags so it doesn't matter if it's not the actual 1.

The 1st NDP on waters. Even if given me free tickets for the actual show i wouldn't want to go. I would be siao to be squeezing with hundreds & thousands of kiasu, smelly, sweaty Singaporeans.

Rehearsal would be good enough. I can relax & watch the actual 1 at home lying comfortably on my bed sipping a nice cold can of Nescafe.

That's life!


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