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Very sorry for the lack of updates. Been really busy with my terrible work life & dwelling in my own misery.

Working with KBL is really a pain the the ass. She's a terror. Not only is she causing mental & physical torture on me, she's also doing that to others except that i'm don't know why but i'm her favourite target.

I'm so afraid to walk past her office now. I'm not afraid of her. I'm afraid of myself that i will lose control & strangle her to death. 3 more days... I have to tolerate 3 more days. Next mon i can throw letter liao. Wo ren!

Yesterday, she shouted over the phone at 1 of our long term worker, Uncle Phoon over a small matter. He's been in this company for more than 30 years liao.

When he started working here, where the hell is she? Uncle Phoon gave his youth the company & she just a deputy project manager dare scold him.

She tired of living liao.

Uncle Phoon was so pissed off with her, he came up to the office & complain…
I'm feeling very sad BECAUSE nobody remembers my birthday! So sad... How i know? Because up till now, nobody has said anything abt joining me on my birthday.

In case some of you who doesn't know exactly when my birthday is, it's blardy hell on 22nd July which is this blardy sunday! Arghhhh!!!

Anyway, i went to watch Harry Potter on sunday. I wouldn't say it's fantastic because it isn't for people who likes action pac movies & of cause it can't compare with it's book.

I still love it because i like magics. SO magical. I wish i can fly on a broom too though it might hurt. Hahaha! It'll be awesome.

I think i'm going crazy over Harry Potter. I had the whole collection of the books. Not all BUT the last book will be out for sale on my birthday!

How cool is that?

I have so many birthday presents that i want. I know i sound childish but there are really so many things i want but can't afford on my own.

I wanna have that Harry Potter book, i wanna have…
Woohoo! It's friday the 13th again. My favourite day. My lucky day. 13 is my favourite & lucky number. Friday the 13th is a bad day for others but a good day for me.

Lucky i am. I was late for transport so i had to take public transport to work. The public transport to Jurong Island is damn lousy.

My ez-link card was not accepted & they have no small change for my 10 bucks. They used to sell tickets but now no more.

They decided to UPGRADE themselves by using ez-link cards BUT those with giro not accepted. WTF right? So stooopid. Act smart only.

I did not have small change & they only accept exact amount. Idiotic. I had to ask ard in the bus if anybody had small change to spare.

None had. People this days are just so not helpful & unfriendly. Just then, a guy offered me a ticket to Jurong Island. Better than nothing.

When i reach the checkpoint, i started to freak out again because the ticket only allows me to travel till checkpoint & not into Jurong Island.

So fuckin…
Life sucks when you work with a bunch of incompetent cum idiotic managers. They think they are so great that they can put people's life & health at risk.

The more i think of it the more angry i get. They are a bunch of bullshit is what i think. I can't wait to leave that stupid place.

Don't understand why there can be people like this. No wonder people come & go in that company. They don't know how to treat an employee well.

They have this stupid policy of new comers must be bullied. How about kiss my ass? I hate being treated like a dog. Since they want treat me like a dog then 1 day i shall have to surprise them with a nasty bite.

Think i easy to bully izzit? We shall wait & see. Bidding for the correct time now to give them a taste of their own medicine.

SO unhappy la. DOn't wanna talk abt it anymore. My birthday coming yet i have to stay in the stupid company.

1st wedding anniversary deardear also not free to celebrate with me. All because of that stupid …
Very very bad headache. Do not disturb! Sorry for not updating. Will update soon. Too stress.