I'm feeling very sad BECAUSE nobody remembers my birthday! So sad... How i know? Because up till now, nobody has said anything abt joining me on my birthday.

In case some of you who doesn't know exactly when my birthday is, it's blardy hell on 22nd July which is this blardy sunday! Arghhhh!!!

Anyway, i went to watch Harry Potter on sunday. I wouldn't say it's fantastic because it isn't for people who likes action pac movies & of cause it can't compare with it's book.

I still love it because i like magics. SO magical. I wish i can fly on a broom too though it might hurt. Hahaha! It'll be awesome.

I think i'm going crazy over Harry Potter. I had the whole collection of the books. Not all BUT the last book will be out for sale on my birthday!

How cool is that?

I have so many birthday presents that i want. I know i sound childish but there are really so many things i want but can't afford on my own.

I wanna have that Harry Potter book, i wanna have a pair roller blades & i wanna have that pink colour PSP! It's not alot actually. Just 3 things.

If you can't afford nevermind. Give me $$$!!! Here give abit there give abit then i can afford to go buy liao.

Nevermind if you say i'm realistic. I rather not get useless things as presents on my birthday. I wanna get things that i really want & need.

Friends who agree please call or sms me. I'll give you my account number & you can transfer the present to me. Hehehe...

p/s: Instead of going to wild wild wet, i've decided to go themepark so don't need so troublesome bring so many things like towel & extra clothes.


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