Life sucks when you work with a bunch of incompetent cum idiotic managers. They think they are so great that they can put people's life & health at risk.

The more i think of it the more angry i get. They are a bunch of bullshit is what i think. I can't wait to leave that stupid place.

Don't understand why there can be people like this. No wonder people come & go in that company. They don't know how to treat an employee well.

They have this stupid policy of new comers must be bullied. How about kiss my ass? I hate being treated like a dog. Since they want treat me like a dog then 1 day i shall have to surprise them with a nasty bite.

Think i easy to bully izzit? We shall wait & see. Bidding for the correct time now to give them a taste of their own medicine.

SO unhappy la. DOn't wanna talk abt it anymore. My birthday coming yet i have to stay in the stupid company.

1st wedding anniversary deardear also not free to celebrate with me. All because of that stupid NDP thing. My birthday he also need to rush back to camp at night.

I really hate him sometimes. Is his work really more important than me? Am i of no value to him? Sighz... I wonder if he'll get me a present.

He say bring me go wild wild wet on my birthday & dinner after that. So friends who are interested in joining me at wild wild wet on my birthday do let me know.

See ya guys soon!

p/s: sorry for the very late update.


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