Very sorry for the lack of updates. Been really busy with my terrible work life & dwelling in my own misery.

Working with KBL is really a pain the the ass. She's a terror. Not only is she causing mental & physical torture on me, she's also doing that to others except that i'm don't know why but i'm her favourite target.

I'm so afraid to walk past her office now. I'm not afraid of her. I'm afraid of myself that i will lose control & strangle her to death. 3 more days... I have to tolerate 3 more days. Next mon i can throw letter liao. Wo ren!

Yesterday, she shouted over the phone at 1 of our long term worker, Uncle Phoon over a small matter. He's been in this company for more than 30 years liao.

When he started working here, where the hell is she? Uncle Phoon gave his youth the company & she just a deputy project manager dare scold him.

She tired of living liao.

Uncle Phoon was so pissed off with her, he came up to the office & complain aloud to us. He has some hearing problem therefore he tend to speak louder & our office is pretty small. This was what he said(loudly):

Uncle Phoon : That stupid lao chu nv (old virgin) call & scold me just now arr. Bloody lao chu nv.

Me: *giggles* Ssshhhh... Uncle Phoon, not so loud. She can hear.

I truly believe she heard what Uncle Phoon said abt her because, there was peace in the office for the whole day. We nvr heard a single noise coming out from her cubicle.

Bwahahaha! That was so classic. Finally, someone taught her a lesson. Uncle Phoon, wo zhi chi ni! (I support you!)That was probably the best day i had in this office.

Recently i realise that i've been getting a number of anonymous readers leaving stupid comments on my tagboard because they are stupid.

I think they are pathetic. Bunch of losers living behind their computer screen with no identity. Their lives are so full of downs, they have to put others down as well.

It's ok. I shall not be bothered by them & their pathetic lives. I do know a few anonymous because they are people in my life & they just wanna disturb. Those are ok because i know them. The rest of anonymous are just so pitiful.

On a happier note, i had a pretty wonderful birthday. Though it was raining badly when we reached the themepark but the rain stopped rather fast.

We had loads of funs playing the go cart, haunted house, the 360 degree ride which Grace almost cried. She is so gutless but because it's my birthday, she played with me.

We also went for the boat ride which made everyone of us wet. Quan kai, Sean & mummy didn't play so they did not get wet. We had fun playing the mini games they had there.

It was a horse racing game where you have to throw the balls into 3 different holes reading walk, trot & run. There were abt 11 people playing the game so it wasn't easy.

Grace was pretty lucky & won the game. She received a doggy toy. I do not know how to describe but the dog is rather cute.I think deardear do not want me to go home empty handed so we played the game again.

This time round, deardear won the same doggy but of different colour for me. SO sweet!

After having fun, we proceed to have dinner at Ang Mo Kio where Jackson joined us. Deardear say the crabs there were nice & tasty & you even have to queue for it so we decided to have my birthday dinner there.

The crabs were indeed huge & solid. The meat is just so Mmmmmmm... You must eat it to know how i actually feel. But it wasn't cheap. We had 7 medium size crabs & it cost us a total of 300+ bucks.

Mummy made noise again but it's only once in awhile thingy. We don't actually spend so much on food or crabs everyday.

I wanted to take a picture of those nice looking crabs but i forgot all abt it when the crabs came. I became busy gorging myself with the crabs.

Very very greedy that day. You guys should try the crab someday. Jackson say want treat me to the large size crab the next time we come.

I wonder how the large size crab looks like. I can't wait. Shall update again when something more interesting happens.


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