Woohoo! It's friday the 13th again. My favourite day. My lucky day. 13 is my favourite & lucky number. Friday the 13th is a bad day for others but a good day for me.

Lucky i am. I was late for transport so i had to take public transport to work. The public transport to Jurong Island is damn lousy.

My ez-link card was not accepted & they have no small change for my 10 bucks. They used to sell tickets but now no more.

They decided to UPGRADE themselves by using ez-link cards BUT those with giro not accepted. WTF right? So stooopid. Act smart only.

I did not have small change & they only accept exact amount. Idiotic. I had to ask ard in the bus if anybody had small change to spare.

None had. People this days are just so not helpful & unfriendly. Just then, a guy offered me a ticket to Jurong Island. Better than nothing.

When i reach the checkpoint, i started to freak out again because the ticket only allows me to travel till checkpoint & not into Jurong Island.

So fucking lame la. Hate this stupid place. I started asking ard if there's any small change from anybody. In the end, another guy gave me another ticket into Jurong Island for free again.

Am i lucky or what? I love this day. They should make it a holiday.

I realise i haven't been blogging much mainly because there is nothing much to blog abt. Too much stress from work. So damn sickening.

Shall blog again when i'm in the mood to blog. See ya guys ard.


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