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Bah! I hate myself. Hate myself for not updating my blog eversince i got my PSP. I'm soooooo addicted to my PSP now. I'm so sorry.

A few updates.

Deardear & i got into a car accident last sat. It was a hit & run. We didn't manage to get the car licence plate down.

Everything happened so fast. That stupid car came swaying towards us & *BAM!*

Like i said i was addicted to my PSP so obviously i was playing game when the thing happened. When the car knocked into us, my PSP dropped.

Deardear was equally shocked. It's hard to explain the situation at that point of time but we were unable to go after that fucking bastard.

If i i was able to grab hold of that fucker, i would make sure that sorry bastard pay for what he has done to us.

I wasn't able to stop crying. I was wondering what would happen if the car came straight onto us. Deardear would suffer really bad injuries or mayb die on the spot.

I had a really bad shock. It makes me want to treasure him even more. I l…
Happy Birthday Quan Kai! May all your dreams come true! Sorry that we are unable to celebrate with you.
Today is the 1 year anniversary for my blog. Time passes by real fast. I've been blogging for a year already.

Let's hope that this blog will be able to continue for a long time.

Interview next monday. 6 months contract as data entry clerk. Hope i get the job.

The fireworks was beautiful. I'm glad i went though going back was really like shit. Everybody rushing to get out & pushing one another.

There was sticky & sweaty body contact with people you do not know. Kinda sounds like mass orgy. Haha! Eeeeewwww...

I almost couldn't breath & fainted. My feet is covered with blisters. Sucky man.

We took half an hour to squeeze out of the stadium. Can you imagine that? I told myself the next time i get into this kind of situation is when the government is giving out money.

Today is finally the day. My last day in the company. This may sound ironic but instead of being happy, i felt kinda sad to leave.

KBL hasn't spoken to me eversince i hand in my resignation letter. I bet my director told her that i'm not happy with her.

Instead, my director spoke to me. He wasn't disappointed with me. He was instead, concerned abt me. I felt like crying.

Everybody didn't ant me to leave & all of them said that they will miss me. They want make me cry la. Idiotic. I almost did. I guess i'll miss them too.

If the office wasn't located at Jurong Island, i think i might stay. The place there isn't exactly good for me since i have sensitive nose.

Anyway, i do feel the burden lifting off me. Was suppose to go KTV with my colleagues tonight but deardear had tickets to the fireworks so KTV will have to postpone.

I'm looking forward to the fireworks tonight. Will be going with my sis & quan kai.

Today is also papa's birthday so,

Happy Birthd…
I think i am crazy to actually put up the pledge. Sometimes i wonder if i really love Singapore that much. I thought abt it & the answer is yes. Only on national day.

Nevermind abt that. I finally threw in the letter. My director ask why i wanna quit & i told him that i can't work with KBL anymore. All he said after that was just ok.

Some people say i'm stupid to say that & some say i'm daring & supported me. I don't really care. I have no intentions of coming back again.

I hate to leave. I made alot of friends there & my director is really nice but i really don't wanna continue working in Jurong Island. It's affecting my health badly.

I did a survey thingy & this are the results,

Your Job Satisfaction Level: 6%
Not only does your job stink, but you're probably also in the wrong career field.
There's nothing worse then dreading that alarm clock every morning.
Your work doesn't have to be your life, but you should at least enjoy it.
We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.